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Payment methods for the Windows Phone Store

You have several payment options for app, music, or video purchases on your Windows Phone:

  • Credit cards, debit cards, or prepaid credit cards
  • Other online payment services, including (but not limited to) PayPal, Alipay, and INICIS
  • Microsoft gift cards
  • Your mobile operator bill


Not all payment methods are available in all locales or for all Microsoft services.

Payment cards and online payment services

You can make changes to your payment methods from either your phone on on the web, including adding cards or an online payment service.

  • On your phone, you can change your payment method before you buy an app. In the Store, choose an app you'd like to buy, tap Buy, and on the Confirm purchase screen, tap Add or switch payment methods. From there you can switch to another payment method or add one. For more info, see Get apps from the Windows Phone Store. (You can also change your payment method when buying music or videos. Tap Change before confirming your purchase. For more info, see Get music, videos, and podcasts.)
  • On the web, go to Billing on the Microsoft account site. Click Payment options, and then add, edit, or delete any of the payment options. For more info, see Billing help on the Microsoft account site.

Microsoft gift cards

If someone has given you a Microsoft gift card to redeem content from Microsoft, like apps, games, and music from the Windows Phone Store, Windows Store, or Xbox Store, you can redeem it either from your Windows Phone or online through your Microsoft account.

Wallet on Windows Phone
Redeem a gift card from your Windows Phone
  • To redeem a gift card from your phone, in the App list, tap Wallet Wallet Tile > Add Add icon > Add Microsoft gift card.
  • To redeem a gift card online, go to Payment options on the Microsoft account site. Click Microsoft account > Redeem card, and then follow the instructions.


  • For more info about other things you can add to your Wallet, see Wallet.
  • If you have an Xbox console, you can also redeem Microsoft gift cards through your console. For more info, see the Xbox site.

Mobile operator billing

Some mobile operators allow you to make purchases from the Store using your mobile account or prepaid balance. If the option is available for you, it will be turned on by default the first time you buy an app. You can change the payment method at any time by tapping Buy, and then on the Confirm purchase screen, tapping Add or switch payment methods.

If you don't see your mobile operator in the list of payment methods, check the Mobile operator billing support list on MSDN to see if mobile operator billing is available in your locale. If it is available in your locale but you don't see it on your phone, try one of the following:

  • Make sure your phone's country/region is the same as that of your mobile operator. In the App list, tap Settings Settings icon > Region to check it. Tap Country/Region if you need to change it.

  • Ensure you're in an area with good data coverage (cellular or Wi-Fi) and your phone is charged. (The best way to get this payment method to appear is to charge your phone fully while it has a good data connection.)

If you still can't see the mobile operator billing payment method, you may need to do the following:

  1. Power down your phone, and then remove the SIM card.

  2. Power up the phone without the SIM card.

  3. Wait a few minutes, and then power down the phone again.

  4. Insert the SIM card, and then power up the phone.

  5. Wait a few minutes and make sure your phone is charged and has a good cellular data connection.

  6. In the Store, choose an app you'd like to buy, tap Buy, and on the Confirm purchase screen, tap Add or switch payment methods.

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