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Using maps

Use maps on your Windows Phone to see where you are, find where you want to go and get directions there. Maps can also show you nearby WiFi hotspots, or shops and restaurants you might be interested in and what other people are saying about them.


If you have Cortana on your phone, she can help you with maps and directions, location info and more.

Maps on Windows Phone


Moving around the map

  1. In the App list, tap Maps Maps icon.

    If this is your first time opening maps, you'll see the Allow maps to access and use your location? message. If you agree, tap Allow.

  2. Do any of the following:

    • Swipe your finger across the screen in any direction to move the map.
    • To zoom in, spread your thumb and forefinger apart on the map. To zoom out, pinch your fingers together.
    • Double-tap the map to automatically centre and zoom in on a spot. Double-tap again to get even closer.
    • To see your current location on the map, tap Me Location icon.

To change the map's view

  1. In the App list, tap Maps Maps icon.

  2. To change the direction the map is facing, twist your thumb and forefinger clockwise or anticlockwise on the map (as though you were screwing or unscrewing the cap on a bottle). A compass will appear.

    Tap the Compass Compass icon to return the map to its default orientation – with the red arrow pointing north.

  3. Tap Perspective view Perspective view off icon, and the map will jump to your current location and orient to the direction your phone is facing. (You'll need to calibrate your phone the first time around.) Tap Perspective view Perspective view on icon again to return to the overhead view.

    Perspective view Windows Phone 8
  4. To tilt the perspective from anywhere on the map, tap and hold the screen with two fingers, then slide them down and up to change between perspective and overhead view.


To turn satellite view on or off, tap More More icon > View options, tick the Aerial view checkbox, then tap DoneDone icon.

Finding an address or place

  1. In the App list, tap Maps Maps icon, then tap Search Search icon.

  2. In the Search box, type any of the following:

    • An address (1 Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA)
    • Postcode (98052)
    • A city (Seattle, WA)
    • A business name or type (coffee shop)
    • A junction (1st & Main)
    • A point of interest (Space Needle)
  3. Tap GoGo icon.


  • To see all of the results for your search as a list, tap More More icon > Search results.
  • To learn how to get to or from the place you've found, see Getting directions.

About pushpins

Pushpins are the little markers that point to places on the map. Here are some of the things you can do with them:

  • Learn more about a place – Tap a pushpin to get info about a place, including street address, directions, reviews and more.
  • Find WiFi hotspots – Tap twice on nearby WiFi hotspots to get directions and see a network's name and security info.
  • Pin a location to Start – Tap a pushpin, then tap PinPin icon.
  • Share an address – Send your location to someone's phone or computer, so they can see it on a map or get directions. Tap a pushpin, then tap ShareShare icon.
  • Add a new pushpin – Remember a place you want to visit, or get directions when you don't know the exact address. Just tap and hold your finger on the spot where you'd like to add one.


  • You may have to tap a pushpin twice – once to expand the title of the pushpin, and again to pin the location, share it, add it to favourites or get more info.
  • To remove all pushpins from the map, tap MoreMore icon > Clear map.
Map options in Windows Phone 8.1
Tap More to change your map options

To add a location to favourites

Have places that you visit or look up often? You can add them to your favourites so you don't have to type the address each time. (If Cortana is on, she may add your work and home locations to your favourite places, too.)

  1. In Maps Maps icon, do one of the following:

    • Tap a pushpin, then tap Add Add to favourites icon.
    • Tap More More icon > Favourite places, swipe over to Recent, tap a place, then tap Add Add to favourites icon.
  2. If you like, tap Nickname and type a name for the place.

  3. Tap Save Save icon.

    Once you've added favourites, you can do any of these things:

    • To keep your favourite places in view so they always appear on the map, tap More More icon > View options, tick the Show favourite places checkbox, then tap Done Done icon.
    • To share a favourite location, tap More More icon > Favourite places, tap a place, then tap ShareShare icon.
    • To remove or rename a favourite location, tap More More icon > Favourite places, tap and hold the place, then tap the option you want.


    If you're signed in with a Microsoft account, your favourite places are synchronised across your Microsoft devices. To change this, go to Maps Maps icon > More More icon > Settings and turn off Use my locationToggle off icon.

To use a venue map

Some venues, like shopping centres and sporting stadiums, can be viewed in more detail, allowing you to navigate between floors and see individual rooms.

  1. In Maps Maps icon, tap any venue or building that appears purple on the map. (Only one venue can be viewed at a time.)

  2. Tap the text that appears in the top-left corner of the map. From there you can switch between levels, or tap the venue’s directory for more info about it.

To find places to eat, shop or visit

Local Scout can suggest nearby restaurants, museums and other places you may want to visit. It also gives you relevant info about the different places to help you decide where to go. In Maps Maps icon, tap Scout Scout icon, then swipe over to see suggestions in Eat + drink, See + do or Shop.


Tap any suggestion in Scout Scout icon, then tap Pin Pin icon to pin it to Start, Share Share icon to send your idea to someone, or Add Add to favourites icon to create a pushpin for that location.

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