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Ape The Wall
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  • Windows Phone 8
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What’s new:
A campaign mode is added. You can move forward level by level with the game getting harder and more obstacles added. You will also have a chance to collect bananas and pine-apples to add up to the score. If you are very good at it, you will eventually get to the bonus level. But we won’t tell you what is there. You have to see it!
Love to get into all sort of monkey business and just monkey around? Did someone throw a monkey wrench in your day and you need a pick me up? Or maybe you have a monkey on your back and need a break? Then put away that monkey suit and pick up Ape the Wall! (Now that I think about it, we should have called this game Monkey on the Wall!)

In this fast paced monkey climbing action game, your goal is to climb the tallest apartment building ever build and rise as high as you can while avoiding weird urban obstacles like feral, killer cats and angry neighbors throwing out their domestic appliances. As a lost ape in the big city, you'll long for a simpler time of climbing trees and eating bananas. But all is not lost! Through your urban adventure you'll find many bonuses to help you deal with these crazy challenges. King-kong got nothen' on this monkey! 

- Simple, single touch gameplay - any monkey can do it. 
- Cute, cartoony design that will make you say, "Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle! Look at that cute and cartoony design!"
- Amusing characters that will make you giggle like a monkey. (That's not really a "saying," but I'm running out of monkey idioms.)
- Fun and catchy music and sound FX!
Download Ape the Wall now and have a monkey day! MONKEY!!!
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    Muito bom
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    Muito bom
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    muito legal
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    Muito legal
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    Muito çegal
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    Muito ruim
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    Of on
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