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Want to get into running but don't know where to start? Already running and just want to track where you run?
If so then My Run is the app for you.

- Track your runs using the location services of your Windows phone device.
- Current run stats such as speed and distance.
- Run logging which provides detailed information of previous runs.
- Runs under lock screen.
- Unlock achievements as you progress.
- OneDrive support to backup/restore data
- Access to music player so you don't have to leave the app to change song.
- Learn To Run - Couch to 5K programme
- Timed Runs
- Free Runs
- Interval training with pre-selectable programs to get you up and running such as tabata sprints
- Post to Facebook

My Run PRO Features:-
- No Adverts

Learn To Run:-
My Run features a 9 week running programme for the complete beginner. Running 3 times a week, My Run will get you running from zero to 30 minutes (Approx. 5K)
Learn to Run includes features
- Alternating runs and walks.
- Voice cues of when to walk and run.
- Easy to follow programme that starts slow but gradually builds you up to achieve a 30 minute run.

Go Running:- 
Just want to go for a run? Selecting 'Go Running', My Run gives you the option of setting up your own timed run complete with warm up and cool down time. 
Alternatively My Run provides free run where you just run with no limits. My Run will keep track of your speed, distance and location and you can pause, restart and save your run at any time.
Update 1.7.28
# Added delete button on Learn To Run screen so you can reset a day
# Made font smaller on speed graph in run detail to make it clearer
# Fixed Learn To Run progress bar.

Update 1.7.27
# Fixed issue with average speed... again! :-)
# Calories now recalculated due to average speed fixed

Update 1.7.26
# Fixed missing button icons on Time selection screens.
# Fixed issue with incorrect average speed

Update: 1.7.25
# Fixed issue with incorrect voice cue for Week 5 Day 2
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  • autor: Monika 2014-08-31
    I use it about 5 weeks and I am very glad that someone had written something like that. I run, I really run!!!! Thanks!
  • autor: Bogdan 2014-08-23
  • autor: Użytkownik 2014-08-23
  • autor: Użytkownik 2014-08-03
    Super :)
  • autor: Użytkownik 2014-08-02
    Highly recommend for inerval running (I use for Galloway intervals)
  • autor: Użytkownik 2014-07-14
  • autor: Użytkownik 2014-07-07
  • autor: Katarzyna 2014-05-25
    Czadowa apka
  • autor: Artur 2014-05-18
    darmowa wersja ma interwały :) cała reszta też chodzi
  • autor: Użytkownik 2014-04-18