Medical Terms

Medical Terms
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Test Your Medical Terminology on Windows Phone 7 !

**Over 213 questions to reinforce you in medical knowledge.**

Test Your Medical Terminology is about words related to the Medical Science. This app teaches you about words and their different meanings. It helps to increase your knowledge in medical terminology. You can find out the proper words for the any procedure or the exact meaning of the word related to Structural organization of human body, body cavity and Diagnostic or treatment procedure etc... 

This app quizzes you on words or any procedure, related to medical science and tells you the proper meaning of the words or procedures.
There are over 213 questions in this app that reinforce your Medical Vocabulary. 

You can study the Test Your Medical Terminology by topic. All questions are sorted by topic.
• Structural Organization of Human Body
• Body Cavity
• Abdominopelvic Regions and Quadrants
• Division of the Back (Spinal Column)
• Positional and Directional Terms
• Surgical Procedures
• Specialists
• Abnormal Condition
• Diagnostic or Treatment Procedure
• Term that Correctly Fits the Definition
• Terms that Describe Symptoms
• Gastrointestinal Tract
• Doctors or Dentists

Mock test has questions from all topics. Questions are presented randomly from all the topics. 

A summary of the practice test is presented at the end of each test. It shows you the time you took, the score, which questions you answered correctly and where you were wrong. And yes, you can E-EMAIL the results. 

The app records your progress as you start quizzing yourself. 
It shows you a beautiful bar chart so that you can track your weak areas and give more focus on them. 

The Application makes use of your phone's:
. data connection
. sensors
. media library
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