Signs of Allah

Signs of Allah
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Signs of Allah is a collection of 45 articles about various creations.
Praise be to Allah(swt) and peace & blessings be on his messenger Muhammad(pbuh).

Signs of Allah is a beautiful collection of 45 articles that talk about the various wonderful creations of Allah(Swt) we see around us. These articles are very informative which will not only increase your knowledge about the creation, but will also force you to think that "How these complex creations can come into existence on their own". All praises are for Allah(Swt) for creating such wonderful creations that act as a sign for the complete humanity.

Inside the App we talk about the following wonderful creations of Allah(Swt):

1. Signs of Allah in Birds
2. Signs of Allah in Solar System
3. Signs of Allah in Honey Bees
4. Signs of Allah in Our Tongues
5. Signs of Allah in clouds
6. Signs of Allah in Our Eyes
7. Signs of Allah in Eating a Fish
8. Allah's Signature on Mountains
9. Signs of Allah in Dreams
10. Look at Your Nails
11. What if you find a watch in the sand?
12. Sickness reminding us of Allah
13. Signs of Allah in Ants
14. Signs of Allah in Butterflies
15. Signs of Allah in Oceans and Lands
16. Signs of Allah in Plants
17. Signs of Allah in Roses
18. Signs of Allah in a Fly
19. Signs of Allah in a spider
20. Signs of Allah in Body Growth
and many more

The articles are very motivating and perfect for Bedtime or Leisure reading!

App Features:
• 45 Articles on Signs of Allah
• Search box
• Easy Browsing
• Share Via Email
• Favorites functionality
• Change font size functionality
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