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Lazyworm Applications Ltd.

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  • Windows Phone 8.1
  • Windows Phone 8

Sovellus edellyttää seuraavia:

  • mediatoisto
  • datapalvelut
  • selainosa
  • HD 720P (720 x 1280)
  • WVGA (480 x 800)
  • WXGA (768 x 1280)
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YouTube. Beautifully designed.

The #1 TOP rated YouTube app on the marketplace!

*Unlimited & unrestricted free trial!* (If you love the app, consider buying it to help us out)


"Metrotube.. Awesome! Everybody says this, Metrotube is fantastic. It is so good, it's a great YouTube client."
- Mashable

"Metrotube is our top app from the Marketplace this Christmas."
- Conversations by Nokia (Official)

"We took the app for a spin last week and walked away *very* impressed"
- WPCentral

"A stylish YouTube app for Windows Phone"
- The Guardian

"The Metrotube user experience is incredible"
- The Nokia Blog

"An easy five stars"
- T3 App Chart




Proudly developed by:
Lazyworm Applications Ltd.
- Subscriptions fix
- General playlist bug fixes
- Watch later list fix
- Recently played list fix
- General minor bug fixes

- New fix for log in bug
- General minor bug fixes

- Fix for login bug
- Search page fixes for languages
- Other minor bug fixes

- Fixes subscription feed
- Other minor bug fixes

- YouTube API v2 updated to API v3

- UI tweaks
- Minor bug fixes

- Fixed video playback problem
- Added ability to change app theme manually from the settings
- Improved design for channel images
- Improved river page design for displaying video thumbnails
- Added "delete all" button in search box
- Updated region list
- Main tile shows subscriptions when logged in
- Added ability to logout from within the river
- Fixed issue where subscribing to some channels produced an error
- Many more small bug fixes and enhancements

- Fixed error where preloaded wouldn't save correctly
- Fix for video titles not displaying in light theme

- Audio mode and continuous playback now support playlists
- YouTube links in video descriptions (including those that are shortened to bitly links) now open in Metrotube when selected
- Long channel names no longer overlap up votes
- Fixed workarounds that allowed under 18 accounts to access age restricted videos
- Fixed error that didn’t allow preloaded videos to be deleted when offline
- Tiles now change back to selected style upon opening the app after an update
- Other minor bug fixes and performance enhancements

- Fixed error where some preloaded videos wouldn't show up in the list

- New continuous playback feature
- New audio mode feature
- Bug fixes
- Performance enhancements
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  • tekijä: Nadja 13.6.2015
    Awesome! The best YouTube app. 😊
  • tekijä: Tuomo 10.6.2015
    So in general the app works much better than for example YouTube mobile page. The biggest problem however is that my subscription tab is all messed up. I want to see the latest videos from my subscribed channels and not some picks from freaking weeks ago. Please fix this asap and I will give 5/5
  • tekijä: Mika 7.6.2015
    No jumaleisson!!! Nyt se löyty! Osaa toistaa soittolistat kivuttomasti + soittaa taustalla!! Loistavaa!!
  • tekijä: Risto 5.6.2015
    Hyvin toimii.
  • tekijä: Juri 4.6.2015
    Great interface, everything works.
  • tekijä: Usman 25.5.2015
    Definitely best amongst all and ive tried quite a few
  • tekijä: Johannes 14.5.2015
    Paras youtube sovellus eikä maksa mitään
  • tekijä: Marianne 11.5.2015
    Best Youtube App, but it needs likes page and working history. Also ability to like comments and be able to press usernames in comments to see their page.
  • tekijä: Miika 3.5.2015
    It could be fantastic app, if it works
  • tekijä: Kimmo 8.4.2015
    Hyvin toimii pienen testin jälkeen, testataan vielä ennen ostoa.