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  • Windows Phone 8.1

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  • internet connection
  • location services
  • microphone
  • photos library
  • home or work networks
  • video and still capture
  • HD720P (720x1280)
  • WVGA (480x800)
  • WXGA (768x1280)
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Tweetium is the premium Windows Twitter client you've been waiting for. It's slick. It's fast. It's been designed with ample feedback from serious Twitter users, with the goal of helping you get the most out of Twitter on Windows phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

The base app price gets you the fully featured standard Universal App with support for using one Twitter account at a time on any of your Windows devices. You can *also* purchase Tweetium Pro from within the app, which enables support for up to 7 accounts, push notifications, an enhanced Connect tab powered by our push notification servers, TweetMarker sync, and integrated news reading powered by our other app, Newseen. Read more about the Tweetium Pro offer on our website.
- Fixed Favorite button in conversation view not changing color when successful
- Fixed missing Favorite button on large font settings
- Fixed some conversation view UI glitches in certain cases
- Fixed a couple of crashes reported by users

- Fixed screen name shifting a couple pixels in last update when quick actions appear
- Fixed missing updated dot for some tabs

- Fixed UI problems some users experienced with the new conversation view
- Fixed a rare crash

- Fixed broken Newseen reader UI on phone in last update (Pro users only)
- Fixed a couple of crashes in error cases

- New conversation experience for phone
- Updated nav bar visuals
- Added Crimson and "XB Green" accent colors
- Improved touch keyboard interactions/animations
- Expanded view now shows a share icon with other controls (helps discoverability of share).
- Fixed a bug causing the view to jump by a few tweets after quick resuming in certain cases
- Fixed a bug where the updated last read position for Connect would not be saved correctly in certain cases
- Fixed two cases where the quick action buttons in vertical mode would not display on the top tweet as expected
- Fixed occasional duplicate notifications appearing in Connect+
- Enlarged the touch hit targets of quick action buttons slightly
- Touch keyboard no longer comes up automatically when expanding a DM thread with touch
- "Gray" background is now the same achromatic gray as the gray accent option
- Phone back button now dismisses reply boxes before dismissing the entire thread
- Changed "n following" to "follows n" on profiles for clarity
- The large tile now properly shows the sender (not recipient) for DMs
- "Start at last read" no longer affects Me / user profiles
- Grouped retweets in search results now show the original tweet when clicked/tapped
- Keyboard now comes up properly when sharing to Tweetium

For full update history, visit the support link or website.
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  • by Sean 1/26/2015
    I like the app, but for several months on my Nokia 1520 I've gotten "unable to connect to twitter" and the app exits. I've just uninstalled / reinstalled and get the same error. I don't know what more I can do.
  • by Haden 1/23/2015
    An excellent app that is superior to that of the official twitter app in both design and features, oh and lets not forget support too. With continuous updates and a functional and modern design that feels like Windows, it is my go to twitter app! 😉
  • by Luke 1/23/2015
    UI is pretty gross on Windows and WP, but it is very smooth. I don't mind paying the 10 bucks as long as its attractive.
  • by Edward 1/22/2015
    WP8.1 - Decently fast. Has most features but still need to use official app for some features I like. User interface is ok (why are emoji's black n white, they are hard to read that way). Also the reply, retweet, fav icons dynamically move to a tweet as you scroll. It is inconsistent and very annoying. Put the icons and time on every tweet. This dynamic thing is broken.
  • by Paul 1/21/2015
    Really fast, smooth excellent Twitter client!
  • by Jose 1/20/2015
    Great in most cases but when I do a search for something and someone did a RT I can't reply or favorite or rt myself. Not sure if I'm missing something. Other than that the live tile rocks, updates and loads fast. Awesome with pictures. A request would be for it to list similar users to follow and the RT issues.
  • by Egon 1/20/2015
    Timestamp on main view should work, but it don't. Only gives me tweets from no more than 2-3 hrs back. Windows phone apps have a long way to go to catch up to Android Apps. Falcon Pro & Talon twitter apps for Android need to be looked at here, to see what an A-1 twitter app should be like. It gives you all your tweets you missed whether it's 700 or 3000 & brings you right back to the last one you read not just a couple hrs back. Gives the total number of tweets on the upper bar & numbers down as you read them. Large picture display under each tweet, although Tweetiums isn't to bad, but could be better. Gives you the exact time of each tweet on Timeline, Mentions ect...
  • by Jason 1/16/2015
    Nice app. Fast and smooth. I would like to see the icon shortcuts at the top updated to look more modern. Also space them a little better on large displays, like the 1520.
  • by Brian 1/15/2015
    Probably my favorite WP app
  • by hussien 1/14/2015
    The best ❤