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Spectral Souls
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  • Windows Phone 8.1
  • Windows Phone 8

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  • data services
  • Proximity
  • movement and directional sensor
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  • WVGA (480x800)
  • WXGA (768x1280)
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"Spectral Souls" the awaited full size Japanese Tactical RPG is available now for your Windows Phone 8 !!! Now with full support for MOGA controller.

* A full scale Japanese Tactical RPG for Windows Phone 8. 
* 52 outstanding soundtracks. 
* 84 characters, different skills, abilities and tons of 3D backgrounds.  
* High resolution graphic assets. 
* 100's of hours of gameplay packed in 1GB data. 
* Cut-Scene videos.
* Support for MOGA controller. 
Simply "a must have" for all fans of "Spectral Souls universe" and for all fans of Tactical RPGs in general. 


Tragedy strikes the small woodland village of Petun, the town is attacked and burned to the ground by vicious Neverland troops. But Petun is only the first of many massacres; the Demon Army tears through every human village it can find, slaughtering the people as it goes. Humiliated and infuriated by these abuses, the humans begin to resist and fight back. 
It starts as a rash of disorganized, sporadic riots. But it soon grows into something more, something meaningful. These uprisings become a beacon of hope to all humans, spurring them on to unite and form a new empire. They choose a name to reflect their most noble traditions, to reflect a time when they ruled over the demon horde. They call it the Reformed Simba Empire. 
Petun, little more than a bump in the road, a mark on a map. But this is where it all started, where the undercurrent of disdain and hatred overflowed into a bloody torrent of death and destruction, drowning Neverland in war for years to come. This is where our story begins, the story of the Seven Year War. 

Last update : Fix a crash when using the "Fireball Skill"

© 2013 IDEA FACTORY, developed for Windows Phone 8, licensed and published by HYPERDEVBOX Japan.
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  • by Maico 6/13/2015
    Please make this a universal app so i can play on w8
  • by User 7/23/2014
    Online backup please!
  • by Mustafa 7/20/2014
    Universal app is greatly needed :(
  • by Abdullah 7/20/2014
    ****** awesome. Need more rpg like this. Work gr8 on Lumia 520 without hassles
  • by Joshua 7/18/2014
    No online saves. Change phones, or uninstall, you'll lose your progress. On my third game, because of that. It tombstones, with Windows Phone 8.1, a lot. Since there is no way to save, during a battle, you end up starting battles over. I don't remember 8.0 being a problem. Discovered a bug at Zaltheim Castle. There is an alternative victory scenario where you can just exceed a certain number of turns and still win. You can't select characters, or tell them where to go, by touching them. Requiring the use of onscreen controls seems a little antiquated. This is a direct port of a PS2 game, though, so I'm assuming it made development easier (Final Fantasy does include touch-selectable characters, though). There is cussing in the dialog. I think that's kind of unnecessary. It's a good game, and probably worth of the purchase price. If you can catch it as Red Stripe Deal, it's definitely worth buying. They really need online saves, though.
  • by Hoang 4/29/2014
    pls add save online
  • by User 4/22/2014
    F*****' fantastic!!!!! An amazing JRPG at its finest!!!!!! Keep these type of games coming!!!!!!
  • by TAN 4/2/2014
    Amazing game and its on sale for $5 , can't complain.
  • by Jonathon 3/31/2014
    Wait... Wait...Was I watching anime??.. Awesome intro song. Never expected it. Have not played much game play but seems to control very well and looks very nice. Also something that makes me very happy... This game is one of the few out there that use 100% of the screen on the Lumia 1520... That is like seeing a unicorn...
  • by Edgardo 3/30/2014
    Great game, controllers are a virtual pad but not complicated. Also no loading time like psp version. Love this game.