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Sleep Bug
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  • Windows Phone 8.1
  • Windows Phone 8
  • Windows Phone 7.5

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  • photo, music, and video libraries
  • data services
  • WVGA (480x800)
  • music library
  • HD720P (720x1280)
  • WXGA (768x1280)
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☆ One of the best rated white noise machines on the market.

☆ Superior in sound contents: 24 scenes, 83 different sound effects and more than 300 different sounds ensure that everyone will find an ambience matching their needs.

Sleep Bug is an ambient sound mixer that produces a variety of scenes and music with random sound effects. The built-in sound generator creates a realistic listening experience to help calm a busy mind and is perfect for adults, children, and babies who are having trouble sleeping.

So don’t delay, try Sleep Bug today. Improve your mind and improve your life, through sound!

☆ More than 2 million users worldwide ☆


* 24 High quality scenes with high quality graphics
* Clock and date display
* Sleep timer
* Internal volume control
* No ads!

☆  24 SCENES  ☆

♬ Beach – bird, chime & wave
♬ Music Box – bell, bird, guitar & piano
♬ Zen – chime, hok, bamboo, drum & string
♬ Zen Garden – hok, bamboo, drum & string
♬ River – bird, insect, frog, lightning & wind
♬ Forest – bird, wolves, eagles, bird wings & music beats
♬ Jungle – tiger, parrot, drum, monkey & frog
♬ Classical – violin, cello, drum & solo violin
♬ Fire – bird, burning wood, cricket, lightning, wind & owl
♬ Waterfall – stream, tree & bird
♬ Weather – lightning, rain & wind
♬ Horror – ghost, scream, chain, door & owl
♬ Lullaby – birds, chimes, wind & waves
♬ City – bicycles, birds, motorbikes and cars
♬ Dreams – bass, bell, pad loop, pad & organ
♬ Clock – chime, mechanical & pound
♬ Train – carriage, horn & passing train
♬ Sci-fi – static noise, voice, flare, U.F.O & space wind
♬ Airport – planes taking off, music & announcement
♬ Outback – snake, didgeridoo & chime
♬ Winter – ice cracking, walking in the snow, bell, music & pad
♬ White Noise – pad, 528Hz noise, wind & wave
♬ Underwater – sonar, whale & bubble
♬ Dark Drone – storm, aggressive addition & mellow addition
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  • by chris 10/29/2014
    Good sounds like scifi and horror needs sound effects options in each of the scenes and wish they more song selections
  • by Angel 10/26/2014
    Love this app. So many choices and customization options to choose from.
  • by Sujith 10/25/2014
  • by Lesley 10/24/2014
    Love it 😃
  • by User 10/23/2014
  • by J Bruce 10/23/2014
    Got a very nice note from the dev, so I'm updating my review. I'm adding two stars--one for the app, and one for the quality of the dev's response. Turns out the app is so big because this OS only allows looping of wav files. It's smaller on iOS & Android. Dev also said they'd like to unlock the white noise scene, but that requires revision across all platforms, so any changes can only occur as time allows. Original review follows. [Too fancy, too artificial, too repetitive, too much to buy. Many of the free options sound alike, with add-ons that sound...added on. And I can have jungles and sloppy dreamscapes and horrible symphonic cacophony with a disco beat for free, but I have to PAY for white noise? But mostly, TOO BIG. 333 MB‽ Biggest app on my phone by far (out of about 275). And it's actually 423 MB. Nearly half a gig, when I've got a perfectly good free white noise generator at <1 MB.]
  • by Jared 10/23/2014
    2.5 stars, the all keeps asking me to rate it, but I haven't used it for more than a week, I think it helps you sleep a little bit sometimes
  • by Marissa 10/22/2014
    Good, although I wish there was a way to control the volume on the secondary sounds.
  • by Kelly 10/21/2014
    Great app. My baby always calms down when I play the weather one. I like how you can add in sounds like birds or wind. There is a lot of types of sounds to choose from too.
  • by kat 10/18/2014
    I love the sound variety, it helps me fall asleep faster and works great at helping my infant fall asleep.