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Shoot 1UP
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Works with

  • Windows Phone 8.1
  • Windows Phone 8
  • Windows Phone 7.5

App requires

  • Xbox
  • photo, music, and video libraries
  • data services
  • movement and directional sensor
  • HD720P (720x1280)
  • WVGA (480x800)
  • WXGA (768x1280)
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Deutsch English Español (España, alfabetización internacional) français italiano português (Portugal)
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Why play shoot 'em ups one ship at a time? 

Launch them all at once! Unleash an entire armada of ships in Shoot 1UP! 

Instead of storing extra 1UPs, new ships becomes playable immediately, resulting in an ever-growing armada of destruction! 

With your home world ruined, lead your detached battalion's charge by destroying the mechanical-tentacle hybrid attack forces responsible for your pain.



• Command up to 30 ships at the SAME TIME!

• Contract your phalanx to dodge enemy fire, expand your ships to fire the PLASMA AUGER!

• WEAPONS UPGRADE as you collect more ships (Weapons downgrade when you lose ships, so stay sharp!)

• Campaign mode with multiple paths, and Score Tilt mode--HOW FAST will you go?

• Manic Shooting without all the wailing and gnashing of teeth--ALL GAMERS can actually enjoy this!

• Hardcore? Crank up the difficulty and gameplay speed for FINGER-TWISTING maneuvers!
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  • by User 3/17/2014
    Fun but laggy on my phone
  • by Ryan 3/6/2014
    The best shoot-em up game on Windows Phone, complete with Xbox achievements! This is a unique take on one of the most classic videogame genres. You control a ship with your finger (touch controls) that you drag around the screen. Tapping the screen uses a shield blast, for use in tight quarters when bullets are closing in on you. And close in they will--this is an action packed shoot-em up wiht a lot of onscreen enemies and bullets in a uniquely crafted world with colorful backgrounds. The realy unique contribution of the game is the ability to collect 1Ups which give you an extra ship. Collect another and you have 3 ships, and so on up to a phalanx of 30 ships on screen at once! The more ships in your phalanx, the bigger your weapon. The best part, though, is the developers allowed for complete customizability in difficulty level. Not only are there three difficulty levels, but within each difficulty you can change the game speed from 25% to 200%, giving you unparalleled control over how you play the game!
  • by User 3/5/2014
    Its ok
  • by Usuário 3/4/2014
  • by User 3/4/2014
    Perfect action!
  • by Philip 3/3/2014
    Terrible lag
  • by User 3/2/2014
    **** this game and its terrible design. The 1-up system leaves you in the same bullet hell that just got you killed, and there are no retries otherwise. The absolute worst part is the dumb *** decision to bring you through the game's tutorial. EVERY TIME you retry and there is no way to shut it off. I doubt it's a loading screen and if it is I'd prefer a real one. What Kindergartener designed this ****. At least patch THAT.
  • by Sisu 2/27/2014
    Okay game. Graphics are good and no lag experienced on my Lumia 900. Music is spastic though:). Worth a try, and a decent by at $0.99 as a Red Strip Deal.
  • by User 2/24/2014
    Very fun and a refreshing take on extra lives but when I beat the game it crashes so I can't earn the extra ships/achievements. So only 4 stars until the fix. 😊
  • by User 1/13/2014