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Works with

  • Windows Phone 8.1
  • Windows Phone 8
  • Windows Phone 7.5

App requires

  • phone identity
  • owner identity
  • photo, music, and video libraries
  • data services
  • web browser component
  • WVGA (480x800)
  • music library
  • media playback
  • HD720P (720x1280)
  • WXGA (768x1280)
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Access audio and video podcasts from all over the world from a library of over 90,000 podcasts.

Sumptuous user interface that enables you to browse, search, stream, download and enjoy your favourite podcasts effortlessly.

Featuring the most powerful podcast search available on Windows Phone; capable of finding even the most obscure podcasts.

Advanced play position algorithm means that returning to where you left off just works.

True unattended background sync of your favourite podcasts, meaning your latest episodes are ready for offline playback when you launch.  (OS 7.5,7.8, 8.0 + GDR2 update)

Full feature list:
- Audio and video podcast support
- Favourite podcast subscriptions
- Remembers playback position
- Full scrubbing support + pro menu
- Smart playlists suite with mixed audio/video
- Unattended-download sync service
- Social networking support
- Podcast download manager (paid)
- Podcast search facility
- List & filter podcasts by category
- Pin podcasts and playlists to start screen
- Ability to add podcast by RSS feed URL
- Full integration with music + video hub
- BlueSmart – fixes Bluetooth phantom play
- OPML import/export/launch association
- Continuous playback and auto-delete
- Authenticated podcast support
- gPodder/OneDrive (WP8) import
- Live tiles with counter for new episodes
- Episode filter and sort options
- Backup and restore to OneDrive
- Sleep timer function

Version 2.1
Added pinning of Smart Playlists
Lots of improvements & fixes
Added sleep timer
Added episodes sort button

Version 2.0
Added Smart Playlists support
Lots of improvements & fixes
Backup/restore functionality
New player screen with scrubbing support
Revamped settings area
Added share status via Email
Support for HTML podcast show notes
Block auto-sync of specific favourites

Application contains content reproduced under licence from bbc.co.uk - © 2014 BBC
2.1.6 Service Release
- Potential fix for XamlParseException bug on 8.1 DP - Mk3
- Added support for file I/O routines to await for file access to return (SafeAccessFile)
- Added a check to report to the user that the phone cannot play a particular file format
- Fixed the nullreference exception with TiltEffect
- Removed the CommitTextDirectlyToLogfile mutexes as they were causing a AbandonedMutexException 
- Added some code to trap the App.OnAnyError messagebox exception

2.1.5 Service Release
- Potential fix for XamlParseException bug on 8.1 DP - Mk2
- Released Windows Phone 7.1 update with feature parity
2.1.4 Service Release
- Fixed bug where the "restrict to audio" option in a playlist wasn't being saved correctly
2.1.3 Service Release
- Potential fix for XamlParseException bug on 8.1 DP
2.1.2 Service Release
- Fixed exception where the playlist attempted to update an old Standard tile with IconicData
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  • by Andrew 8/30/2014
    The auto download needs to be updated to work in Win 8.1 as all the rules from 8.0 are not needed. Developer has been asked to fix this. See iPodcast for a simple app that does work.
  • by Brian 8/28/2014
    Best. Podcast. App.
  • by Mike 8/25/2014
    Best podcast catcher for Windows phone. Works bug-free on 8.1 update. Have used other podcast apps. Some are OK, many have problems. Podcast Lounge is the BEST.
  • by Mitchell 8/23/2014
    Cannot rate the full app, the trial version was to limited to gauge.
  • by Rasmus 8/21/2014
    Nice but please give us variable speed playback!
  • by Russ 8/21/2014
    Looks like a really nice interface, and it does allow me to subscribe to podcasts with authentication requirements, but... It errors on the podcasts I really want to subscribe to.
  • by Mario 8/20/2014
    After trying several podcast apps, including the built in one in WP 8.1, I decided Podcast Lounge is the best of the lot. The UI is pleasant and streamlined. It always remembers my last played position (something the built in app doesn't do), and provides quick ways of viewing new and downloaded episodes. Has automatic download of latest episodes if you choose to do that (I don't because I prefer full manual control), and lets you back up your settings to OneDrive so that you can sync to another phone or if you reset your phone you don't lose all your subscriptions. Overall it is a great, full featured podcast client that is well worth paying for. One thing I would love for them to add is quicker access to the sleep timer. It should be accessible from the "Now Playing" screen instead of buried in the tools menu.
  • by Matt 8/20/2014
    I really like the ability to create an ad hoc playlist.
  • by Rolando 8/19/2014
    Used to download podcasts even if I exited via home button. Now it starts downloads then when I hit windows button and return to app it'll have stopped download and act as if it never started. Used to never happen before. Horrible. Feels like a waste of money now.
  • by Paul 8/15/2014
    That best of a bad lot. It has all the features you want but in my 521 is slow. The only other acceptable podcast app on windows phone was podcaster, it's simple and faster but lacks the playlist option--