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dotNES is an emulator for the classic Nintendo Entertainment System, capable of faithfully playing your favorite 8-bit games.Automatic savestates mean you'll never have to restart your game-in-progress due to an incoming phone call (or having to run to a meeting).Full speed emulation and full sound support provide the  complete 8-bit experience!New in this release (v1.3):   - Support for 15 new mappers!  This means support for many more games, including Punch-Out!, Gimmick!, Castlevania 3 (both US -and- JP versions) Dragon Warrior 4, and many Famicom titles.- Improved controls.- Improved sound (including support for extended sound channels in Castlevania III (JP), Gimmick! and Lagrange Point.)- Added some Help to get you started playing.dotNES does not come with any games (ROMs), but these can easily be downloaded from your Skydrive account.  (Please don't promote piracy: only use ROMs that you have legal rights to!)Feature List:- Highly optimized, runs at full speed for most games on most phones, even first generation phones.- Full, crystal clear sound emulation- On-screen touch controls (in both landscape and portrait orientations)- Skydrive integration for retrieval of your ROMs- Automatic and manual save states- Easy management of saved states and downloaded ROMs- Support for Game Genie codesVersion History:v1.3:- Added support for mappers 5, 9, 10, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 69, 73, 75, 85, 163 and  228.  (Yes, I added support for Action 52 for no good reason.  Because it's there.)- Added support for the VRC7 and FME-7  sound channels- Fixed bug in DMC sound rendering- Added support for "large" MMC1 games (Dragon Warrior 4)- A few minor bugfixes for a few games.v1.2:- 10-15% performance increase.- Added "Mute" configuration option.- Added portrait layout.- A few small bugfixes.v1.1:- Minor bugfixes:  Sprite rendering in SMB3, a few fixes to Mapper 01 (MMC).- Addition of Game Genie support.V1.0:- Initial release.
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  • by komsun 3/15/2015
  • by Jackson 2/18/2015
    I herd this you can do fanicom😞
  • by Steve 2/9/2015
    Good emulator, PLEASE read the "about" section before using it if you're new to emulation on WP. You NEED to unzip your files for any ROM to work with this emulator. To the person that said that people that can't get it to work are idiots, keep it to yourself. Some people that bought this app are converts from Android [which has VERY simple drag and drop emulation, no unzipping or uploading/downloading via cloud storage requirements] to WP, [which is exactly why I'm not giving it 5 stars]. Clean up your attitude and get your facts straight before you talk ****.
  • by Michael 2/1/2015
    Glad I tried and did not buy on blind faith and good reviews. Does not see any folders in my Skydrive nor a local .nes file I copied to my SD Card from Skydrive. In this state, it does not play any games.
  • by Devon 11/15/2014
    Works well. Not being able to run games off directly off sdcard is a deal breaker. Nestalgia is the way to go if you want to do that.
  • by arnoldo 10/15/2014
    Putos de la ****** chinguen a su **** madree
  • by JDK 10/8/2014
    SkyDrive...ok...i have games on my phone making this worthless..yey!
  • by User 9/6/2014
    It sucks
  • by mayobanex 8/21/2014
    **** dont buy this
  • by Zack 3/6/2014
    Runs smooth...when it runs. Freezes all the time and crashes a lot too