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***Guaranteed to work perfectly. If you have an issue please email us for help at Thank You***ASL Sign Language Dictionary OVER 5,200 SIGNED WORDS The most complete ASL American Sign Language Video Dictionary.Translate English into ASL, from A-Z, plus the entire numerical system, common English phrases, symbols and much more. A must have educational app.FEATURES• Over 5,200 signs from A-Z• 765 Multiple meaning words signed• Multiple word signs such as “don’t want” & “hard of hearing”• 473 Idioms translated• Time• Money• Dates, Months, Years• General numbers• Finger Spelled Alphabet• Symbols• Common Phrases like “You’re too late”Learn Sign Language, by watching our professional Sign Language interpreter and instructor sign over 5,200 individual and multiple word signs. ASL is the first language for people who are deaf.OVER 5,200 SIGNED WORDS This app is less than 1 MB in size so it wont take a lot of room on your device.3G, or WiFi Internet is required. Note: If you are a hearing person, there is no sound with this application.Comments, questions or support, please contact us at THANK YOU
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  • by Jerod 4/30/2015
    I don't know if my review went through before but this app is mixed. It needs to be just ASL. Not ESL and ASL combined.
  • by Ryan 11/13/2014
    This app still has issues. Hours and minutes are not signed the same, there are missing words and phrases such as "don't like," or the sign for "oil." (it's not finger spelled!!) this is fine for a beginning student, but not if you're serious about learning sign. Videos that DO work are shot at an angle that makes seeing the hand shape difficult. The choppy cuts are frustrating, and make some signs unclear. Save your money, unless they knock the price to $0.99.
  • by Leandra 3/11/2014
    This app is amazing. Accurate signs, clear and consistent videos, and a variety of words. I'm so excited to have this!
  • by User 3/8/2014
    This app suck I hate it
  • by User 1/12/2014
    This app is just perfect! I can't fi,d other words to describe :)
  • by lauri 9/22/2013
    Perfect " on the go app" I use it all the time. Thank you for the fix, ita even better now 👍👍👍👍👍
  • by Brad 9/7/2013
    Exactly what I was looking for!
  • by User 8/2/2013
    Awesome app! I sign with my daughter who probably won't speak for another year. She now wants to know signs for things that aren't in my baby-signing books, and this app serves my needs perfectly. Thank you!!
  • by Marianne 6/24/2013
    Thanks for fixing..the best ASL app there is! My 3-yr old g-daughter can't speak and signs. We check all the time for new words we want to learn. I put it on her kidzone and she finds new words herself. Awesome!
  • by User 5/9/2013
    The new update is great, however some categories aren't working. Hope they fix that soon.