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  • Windows Phone 8.1
  • Windows Phone 8

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  • media playback
  • data services
  • web browser component
  • HD720P (720x1280)
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  • WXGA (768x1280)
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Anagrammar is a word game that takes a pair of 4-letter words, and gives you the job of creating a new word from them. Make as many as you can, and try to get 8-letter words, you know, for posterity!

--> Features <--
3 Different Game Modes
- Timed: Where you have 2.5 minutes to create as many words as possible
- Unlimited: No time limit, but instead you have 3 lives that are lost when you submit non-existent words, try to submit one of the words that are given to you, or take longer than 10 seconds to give an answer (and again at 20, and 30 seconds).
- Zen: No time limit, no lives, just play. Great for practice, and trying to make 8-letter words!

-Each mode keeps separate statistics, so you can see how well you do on all of them!

-It's all offline, and follows (for the most part) the dictionary of <Insert here the name of that popular word-based board game I don't want to be yelled at over>. 

Online Leaderboard
-Heavily Requested, online leaderboard now exists.
-Must log in to MS account to post score
-See Privacy Policy regarding Online Leaderboard (Hint: I don't want, nor have, your personal information)

Rules and General Game Info
-You can't use the words you are given as anagram answers. Period.
-Words must be 3 or more letters long.
-Score is calculated on letter obscurity, time taken to create the new anagram, and word length.

--Please note this version of the app is NOT ad-supported, and thus has minimal capabilities. This does come at a price (clearly), so there is an ad-supported version here:

--Please note I am an independent developer, and feedback is VERY IMPORTANT to me! I want to make my apps the best they can be, and if there are issues I want to fix them. If this app turned your life around (or was just fun, which is more likely), I really want to know! Email me (it's on the about page), or leave a review!
-Bugfix: Added data capability so leaderboard will work
-Bugfix: Fixed leaderboard navigation
-Bugfix: Fixed timer bug
-Bugfix: Fixed sound not being totally disabled when it should be.
-Bugfix: Fixed a live tile issue that caused a crash/exception
-Bugfix: Fixed another timer bug
-Bugfix: Fixed some logic regarding high scores and what the app tells you to do in order to add them to the leaderboard
-Added: Leaderboard Information Page, pops up once, please excuse my information.
-Added: Link to the app's Privacy Policy, as it sort-of has regards to the leaderboard. HINT: I don't want nor have your identity.
-Bugfix<Ad-Free Only>: Fixed audio possibly maybe crashing the whole thing if it tries to exist (????) >>Note this required a new capability<<
-Facelift: Updated all pages with better appearances, and they fit together better.
-Facelift: Re-tooled game page so it looks better and conveys its information better
-IMPORTANT!! Leaderboard functionality requires the Web Component capability, which is why that is now enabled. This is mainly for Live Sign-On.
-Added Leaderboard
-Added Login Button, required to post to leaderboard
-Added Leaderboard Page, to view Top 10 and, if logged in, scores around the user
-Added new Privacy Policy
-Leaderboard is optional and user-initiated.
-Added Sound Effects
-Added Visual Effects
-Added Settings Page to turn on/off sound effects
-Changed App Icon so it doesn't look so weird in the Games Hub
-Added Rate/Review Prompt
-Bringing Paid and Free versions to same release
-Added Back Button in-game: No more clearing everything if you don't want to
-Added Live Tile support: shows statistics from game
-Changed timed mode to 1 minute from 2.5
-Made in-game tiles larger
-Ad-Free Anagrammar Introduced!
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