Windows Phone 8 How-to

Windows Phone 8.1 Start screen

Get started

See our Quick Start Guide to learn the basics—everything from making a phone call to downloading apps.

  • Connectivity

    Cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. Find the best way to stay connected.

  • Cortana

    Everything you want to know about your personal assistant.

  • Email + calendar

    Check email and keep up with your day—all from your phone.

  • Music + videos

    Bring your favorite music, videos, and podcasts everywhere you go.

  • People

    Keep track of the people you care about most.

  • Personalization

    Add ringtones, pin apps to Start, and make your phone yours.

  • Phones + hardware

    Extend your battery and increase your storage.

  • Photos + camera

    Snap a photo and share it with your contacts and social networks.


  • Update Windows Phone icon
    Update central

    Find out how to update your phone and get all the newest features and fixes.

  • Support icon
    Support and troubleshooting

    Try our support forums, tutorials, and troubleshooting tools.

  • Windows Phone 8.1
    New in Windows Phone 8.1

    It just keeps getting better and better. See what's new and improved in our latest release.

  • Sync your Windows Phone icon
    Sync your phone

    Get the sync apps to move or sync files between your phone and your computer.

  • Meet Cortana
    Meet Cortana

    Set up reminders and track traffic conditions. Cortana can do this and more as your new personal assistant.

  • Moving to Windows Phone icon
    Moving to Windows Phone?

    Switching from another type of phone? Check out these tips.

  • Windows Phone support wizards icon
    Support wizards

    Which Microsoft account should you use? How do you get your music on your phone? Our wizards can help you down the right path.

  • Microsoft logo
    Support for Lumias

    If you have a Nokia or Microsoft Lumia phone, the Microsoft Mobile Devices support site has more helpful info.