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Songs you hear on the radio, or when you're out and about, don't need to be a mystery anymore. Bing Music is built into your Windows Phone, so you can search for music that's playing to find out more about it, such as the song title, artist, album, and ways to listen to or buy it.

To search for recorded music that's playing

  1. Press the Search Search button button on your phone.

  2. With the music playing, hold your phone where you can clearly hear the music, and then tap Music Music icon.

    Your phone will scan for the music and then will show you the song title, artist, album name, and album art for songs that are recognized.

  3. To find the song in the Xbox Music Store, tap Store.

    In the Store, you can preview the song and other ones on the album, and then buy if you'd like.

    If you have an Xbox Music Pass and the song is available in the Xbox Music Store, you can listen to the whole song or download it. You can do this for other songs on the album, too. For more info, see Get music and podcasts from the Store.


  • Bing Music can only recognize recorded music. It won't be able to recognize music from live performances or humming.
  • If you search for music and there aren't any results, turn up the volume of the music or try to get closer, and then tap Try again in the No matching songs message box.

To see previous Music search results

You can go back and find music that you've searched for in the past.

  1. Press the Search Search button button.

  2. Tap More More icon > Music history.

  3. On the Music history screen, tap a song to find it in the Xbox Music Store.


Bing Music may not be available in your country or region.

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