Tips + tricks

Jump around

Bing beauties

Get a stunning new lock screen image from Bing every day—or get backgrounds from an app. Tap Settings > Lock screen to set it up.

Create and share

  • Photo fixing
    Fix a pic

    Picture less than perfect? Tap More > Edit. You can rotate it, crop it, or apply common fixes in just one tap.

  • Text your location
    Text your location

    Let folks know where you're at: start a text, then tap More > Attach > My location.

  • NFC sharing
    Tap to share

    Share photos, songs, docs, and more by tapping your phone on another NFC-capable device. Tap More > Share > Tap + Send.

  • Pin a contact
    Pin a pal

    Pin a contact to Start to see that person's updates and new messages on their Live Tile. Just open the contact and tap Pin.

  • Search suggestions
    Take suggestions

    Press the Search button and tap Scout. Then flick to For you to get personalized suggestions for apps, deals, stuff to do, and more.

Make it yours

  • Lock screen options
    Get notified

    Tap Settings > Lock screen to choose which notifications you'll see on your lock screen—from apps, your calendar, email, and more.

  • Resize Tiles
    Small, medium, or large?

    Pick from three Live Tile sizes—larger gives you more info on Start, like the text of new messages and updates from apps.

  • Change the text size
    Easy reader

    Tap Settings > Ease of access to make the text bigger, use a high-contrast theme, and make other helpful adjustments.

  • Speech to text
    Go hands-free

    Use Speech to dictate a text, reply to an email, or take a note. Just press and hold the Start button (or tap the microphone in an email) to try it out.

  • Move to Windows Phone
    Move to Windows Phone

    Find out how to transfer contacts, music, and more from your old phone to your new Windows Phone.

Have fun

  • Move music, pics, and videos
    Get your music, pics, and videos

    Get the Windows Phone app for Windows 7, Windows 8, or Mac to move music, photos, and videos between your phone and your computer.

  • Listen to your iTunes collection
    Listen to your iTunes collection

    Learn how to copy your iTunes music to your Windows Phone.

  • Live Apps
    Get Live Apps

    Live Apps show updates and info right on their Live Tiles, making your Start screen even more useful.

  • Bing news
    Browse for news

    Stay on top of what's happening—flick left or right from the Bing home screen to get the latest news, videos, and more.

  • Music search
    Find a song

    Hear a song you like? Tap Search > Music to have your phone "listen" to it—then tell you the name, where to buy it, and more.

  • Create a playlist
    Create a playlist

    Make a custom playlist of your favorite music right on your phone, then listen now or save it for later.

  • Apps and kids
    Set up My Family

    Set up My Family on the Windows Phone website to turn on app and game downloads for your child's phone.

Phone basics

  • Tap and hold
    Tap and hold

    Tap and hold Tiles, keyboard keys, emails, and more to get things done faster all around your phone.

  • Icons

    That status bar at the top of your phone's screen is packed with informative little icons. Learn what they all mean.

  • App switching
    Switch between apps

    Just tap and hold the Back button on your phone to flick between recent apps.

  • Copy and paste
    Copy and paste

    You can copy text from almost anywhere on your phone and paste it almost anywhere you can type. See how.

  • Phone settings
    Recommended settings

    If you chose the recommended settings when you first set up your phone, here's what you got (and how to change it).

Play it safe

  • Back up
    Back up your stuff

    Sign in with your Microsoft account, then go to Settings > Backup to send your phone settings, texts, and more to the cloud for safekeeping.

  • Send pics to the cloud
    Send pics to the cloud

    Automatically save every photo and video you take to SkyDrive at full resolution. That way they'll stay safe no matter where your phone ends up.

  • Find a lost phone
    Find your phone

    Go to the My Phone section of the Windows Phone website to find, ring, lock, or erase a lost phone.

  • Phone password
    Put a lock on it

    Use a password to help prevent unauthorized use of your phone: tap Settings > Lock screen to set it up.

  • Stay secure
    Stay secure

    See how to set a lock screen PIN and take other steps to help keep your phone safe and your info secure.

Do more

  • Word Flow Keyboard
    Go with the flow

    As soon as you hit the space bar, the Word Flow Keyboard gives you choices for the next word. Tap the one you want.

  • Microsoft Office on Windows Phone
    Work it

    Use your phone to work better and smarter—even when you're not in the office.

  • Conserve data

    Looking for ways to reduce your cellular data usage? Check out these tips.

  • Bing Vision
    Point and search

    Use Bing Vision to scan codes, tags, and even translate text. Press the Search button, then tap Vision.

  • Bing maps
    Download maps

    Download maps to your phone so you can find your way even when you're offline.

  • Battery
    Make your battery last

    Learn about Battery Saver and other tips for getting more out of a charge.

  • Phone updates
    Get updates

    Learn how to get the latest updates to your phone's software.