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Find the Microsoft account I used to create my gamertag

Do you have a gamertag on your Xbox 360? If so, you have a Microsoft account (formerly Windows Live ID) as well. Your Microsoft account is the email address and password you used to create your gamertag.

If you'll be playing games on your phone, you'll want to sign in for the first time with the same Microsoft account you use with your gamertag. When you sign in to your phone using this email address, your avatar, gamerscore, achievements, and more will show up on your phone. You can also earn new achievements on games downloaded from the Windows Phone Store.

To find the Microsoft account associated with your gamertag

  1. On your Xbox 360 console, sign in with your gamertag.

  2. Go to Settings, and then select Account.

  3. On the Account Management screen, go to Your Information, and then select Microsoft account. You'll see the email address associated with your gamertag.


  • After you finish signing in with your Microsoft account on your phone, you may need to activate your Xbox account. On Start, tap Games. If you see a link that says Not seeing your Xbox account?, tap it, and then follow the instructions.
  • To reset your password or get a reminder, go to
  • Xbox may not be available in your country or region.

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