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Create folders on my Start screen

Folders help you keep the Start screen on your Windows Phone 8.1 organized by letting you group Tiles the way you like. For example, you might have a folder with all your games and another with your favorite apps—it's completely up to you. After you create a folder, you can name it, move it, resize it, and add or remove Tiles from it whenever you want. Your phone might even already have a folder on the Start screen, such as a Music+videos folder.


To create folders on your Start screen, you need to have Windows Phone 8.1 Update installed on your phone. Check to see which version you have and find out if an update is available.

To create and name a folder

  1. On Start Start button, tap and hold a Tile.

  2. Push the Tile on top of another Tile until the folder pops into the foreground.

    Creating folders on Windows Phone
  3. To name the folder, tap Name folder, type whatever name you like, and then tap Enter.

  4. To add another Tile to the folder, simply tap and hold the Tile, and then push it into the folder.


Didn't name the folder when you first created it? No problem—you can do it any time. To name or rename a folder, tap the folder to open it, tap and hold the top bar of the folder, type a name in the text box that appears, and then tap Enter.

To open apps in the folder

  1. To get to any of the apps in the folder, just tap the folder to open it, and then tap the app you want.

  2. To close the folder, tap the Tile for the folder that appears above it.

To remove a Tile from a folder

  1. Tap the folder to open it.

  2. Tap and hold the Tile you want to remove from the folder.

  3. Push the Tile to anywhere on Start.

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