Lock screen privacy FAQ

  • To help prevent someone from using your phone without your permission (making phone calls, reading your email, and so on), we strongly recommend that you apply a password to your phone. This feature requires the entry of a password to access most applications and information on your phone when it's locked. You can set the period of inactivity before your screen times out and locks itself. For more information, please review the "Security of your Information" section of the Windows Phone 8 Privacy Statement. You can also find more information at Tips to help keep my phone secure.

  • If you don't set a password on your phone, anyone who has access to your phone can use it and access any information you store on the phone. A lock screen password is a simple but effective way to protect your personal information.

  • If you create a company account on your phone, or access company email or applications, your company may apply technical policies to your phone that require or alter the lock screen password feature. For instance, your company may force the use of a password. Similarly, your company may require a "wipe" of your phone after a specific number of failed password attempts. You should discuss your company's requirements and policies with your administrator before you create a company account on your phone. For more information, see Lock screen FAQ.

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