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The Search Search button icon button on your phone is your one stop for getting answers on the web using Bing.

To find something on the web

  1. Press the Search Search button icon button.

    The Bing Search feature
  2. Tap the Search box, then type a word or phrase.

  3. Tap Go Go key.


  • You can narrow or broaden your search results by flicking to Web, Local, or Images.
  • Under Web, you can flick up or down to see different kinds of results that may appear for different searches, such as news, web results, related searches, apps, products, flight status, weather, sports scores, stock quotes, a location, or movies.
  • Some things you search for might have a related app that can help you out. In these cases, App Connect helps you find and use these apps by showing them in your search results.
  • Did you know you can search by voice? Tap the microphone icon and say your search term. To learn more about Speech, see Use Speech on my phone.


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