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Favorites and history in Internet Explorer Mobile

Internet Explorer Mobile includes many of the time-saving features found on the desktop, including the ability to save your favorite sites and see your recent browsing history. (You'll need a cellular data or Wi-Fi connection to browse the web in Internet Explorer. To learn more, see Connecting: how and when and Connect to a Wi-Fi network.)

Favorites list in Internet Explorer
Save time by adding your favorite sites

To add a site to your favorites list

  1. On Start, tap Internet Explorer, then open the website you'd like to save.

  2. Tap MoreMore icon > Add to favorites.

  3. Internet Explorer automatically fills in the name and web address (URL) of the site. If you don't need to make any changes, tap DoneDone icon.

  4. Otherwise, tap inside a text box to edit an entry. When you've finished, tap DoneDone icon.


    At this time, you can't import favorites from your computer to your phone.

To open, edit, or delete a favorite

  1. In Internet Explorer, tap MoreMore icon > Favorites.

  2. Flick until you see the name of the favorite you want, and then do one of the following:

    • To open a site, tap it.
    • To edit a site, tap and hold it, and then tap Edit to type a new name or address.
    • To remove a site from your list, tap and hold it, and then tap Delete.

To view or erase your browsing history

  1. In Internet Explorer, tap MoreMore icon > Recent to see the sites you've visited.

  2. To erase your history, tap Delete Delete icon > Delete.

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