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Change privacy and other browser settings

Internet Explorer Mobile makes it easy to change privacy settings on your phone and control your browsing experience.

Settings screen for Internet Explorer Mobile

To change your Internet Explorer settings

  1. In Internet Explorer, tap MoreMore icon > Settings. (You can also access Internet Explorer's settings through SettingsSettings iconon the App list.)

  2. Change any or all of the following settings:

    • Allow Internet Explorer to access your location. For more info about Microsoft's location awareness policy and Windows Phone, see Location and my privacy.
    • Select or clear Allow cookies on my phone to permit or block cookies from being saved on your phone. (Cookies are small files on your phone that websites use to remember things like your password or preferences, so you don't have to retype information each time you visit.)
    • Select Get suggestions from Bing as I type if you want to allow Bing Search to suggest websites as you type into the address bar�potentially a big time saver.
    • Select Allow Internet Explorer to collect my browsing history if you want to help improve the Bing search experience.
    • Under Website preference, select Mobile version or Desktop version to set which version of a website you see.
    • Under Open links from other apps in, select A new tab or The current tab to define where a webpage is opened from another app.
    • Tap Delete history to erase browser history, cookies and passwords, and temporary Internet files from your phone.


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