Tips + tricks

Jump around

Jump around

Press and hold the Back button on your phone to quickly switch between open apps.

Save time

  • Speed dial
    Speed dial

    Need to call someone back on the double? On Start, tap Phone, then tap the Call icon next to an entry in call history.

  • Leaping letters
    Leaping letters

    Tap a block letter in People or your App list (if available) to skip quickly through alphabetical entries and directly to a contact or app.

  • Pin it
    Pin it

    Pin picture albums and email folders to Start for quick access. Find the album or folder, then just tap and hold to choose that option.

  • Group think
    Group think

    Text your kids or book club with fewer taps by making them all part of a custom group, a new feature in Windows Phone.

Type faster

  • Spot editing
    Spot editing

    Typo troubles? Tap and hold a text box until the large cursor appears, then drag it to the problem spot.

  • Pop-up punctuation
    Pop-up punctuation

    Tap and hold the period key to see a pop-up menu with other popular punctuation marks.

  • Quick fix
    Quick fix

    Tap a misspelled word to see suggestions from the built-in dictionary. Tap a suggestion to swap it in.

Have fun

  • Rock your lock
    Rock your lock

    See the artist you're rocking to on your phone's lock screen. Go to Settings > Lock + wallpaper, and select this option.

  • Photo fix
    Photo fix

    Overexpose a shot? Tap and hold a pic, then choose the Auto-fix option.

  • Face time
    Face time

    Did you know your phone can help you tag faces in photos you share? Look for "Who's this?" and then just type the person's name.

  • Name that tune
    Name that tune

    Next time you're curious about a song on the radio, hold up your phone, press the Search button, then tap Music.

Do more

  • Speak Nihongo?
    Speak Nihongo?

    Windows Phone has keyboard options for polyglots. Go to Settings > Keyboard and choose from tons of languages.

  • Small, medium, or large?
    Small, medium, or large?

    Pick from three Live Tile sizes—larger gives you more info on Start, like the text of new messages and updates from apps.

  • Tap and hold
    Tap and hold

    Want the real secret to Windows Phone? Tap and hold. Use it to expose hidden menus, rearrange Tiles, pin stuff to Start, and much more.