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Light up my phone with Windows Live

When you sign in to your phone with a Windows Live ID, you're unlocking a whole host of ways to keep your information handy no matter where you are, using something called the cloud. The cloud is like your own designated place on the Internet where you can keep anything you want to be able to see, share, or do from any computer or from your Windows Phone. You can sync your contacts, calendar, OneNote notes, pictures, documents, and of course your email.

Once you've signed in on your phone, you can quickly capture things while you're away from your computer (pictures, musings, appointments, new contacts, grocery lists, story ideas, something you hear...), and then share, organize, edit, or archive them when you next sit down at a computer.

Here's an overview of some of the things you can do when you sign in with your Windows Live ID. To learn more, go to My Phone on

Keep your contacts saved and handy

Windows Live is an easy way to keep all your contacts saved and at the ready from your phone or from a computer. You can import existing contacts from other email accounts (Google, Yahoo, Exchange, and others), and any time you add a new contact on your phone you can save it to Windows Live.

Then, every time you get a new phone, all you need to do is add your Windows Live account, and your contacts will be synced with your phone automatically.

If you have your contacts stored in Outlook on your computer, see Import contacts from my PC to learn how to get them from your computer to Windows Live.

Store your files, photos, and videos on OneDrive

It can be a great convenience to be able to get to your docs no matter where you are, and with Office Mobile you can edit your Word, PowerPoint, and Excel docs right on the phone. You can also collaborate on the same docs with other people who may not even have Office installed on their computers.

You can also share your pictures and videos on OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive). You can post just the ones you want to upload, or automatically upload any picture you take on the phone. You can then edit and organize them using Windows Live Photo Gallery. To learn more, see Share pictures and videos.

Keep track of your phone with Find My Phone

As soon as you sign in to your phone, you'll be signed up for Find My Phone. If you ever misplace your phone, you can go to My Phone on on your computer and sign in with your Windows Live ID to ring it, lock it and show a message, erase it, or find it on a map. To learn more, see Find a lost phone.

Use OneNote to jot things down

If you already use OneNote, you're in for a treat: you can sync your notebooks to your phone and edit them on the go, then see your changes on any computer with a web connection from My Phone on

If you're new to OneNote, you can use it to take quick notes on the go, keep track of things like grocery lists, or even capture longer musings (like a spontaneous poem). You can add pictures and voice notes, too. To learn more, see Use Microsoft OneNote Mobile.

Organize your time with the Windows Live calendar

When you sign in to your phone, you can add appointments, meetings, tasks, dates, or plans to your Windows Live calendar, and then see them from any computer at My Phone on

If you use an Outlook calendar without Microsoft Exchange, see the Sync Outlook Contacts & Calendars to Windows Phone 7 tutorial in Microsoft Support to find out how to move your calendar appointments from your computer to Windows Live.


  • If you already have an Xbox LIVE or Zune account, you'll get more from your phone if you sign in using one of them. See Which Windows Live ID should I use? to learn more.
  • Some of the features or services discussed in this article may not be available in your country or region.

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