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By default, your email syncs automatically with your phone. You can change how often you want each account to sync, and you can start the process manually. This might be useful if your email account syncs mail only occasionally and you want to check it immediately, or if you're in Battery Saver mode, when email is only synced manually. To learn more about Battery Saver, see Battery: making it last.

You can also sync folders within an inbox.

To sync an email account

When you sync your email account, you'll update all of the information from that account, including folders, calendars, and to-dos.

  1. On Start, tap the email account that you want to access (for example, Outlook, Google, or a linked inbox).

  2. Tap Sync Delete icon. If you're in a linked inbox, you'll sync all of the linked accounts.

    When your email is done syncing, you'll see a message at the top of your screen that it's up to date.

To sync a folder

Once you've synced a folder to your phone, that folder will be synced on the same schedule as the rest of your inbox for that account.

  1. Open the account that has the folder you want to sync.

  2. Tap MoreMore icon > Folders.

  3. Tap Show all folders, then tap the folder you want.

  4. Tap Sync this folder.

To stop syncing a folder

  1. Open the account that has the folder you want.

  2. Tap MoreMore icon > Folders.

  3. Tap the folder you want to stop syncing.

  4. Tap MoreMore icon > Don't sync this folder.


  • You can't sync the drafts folder for an email account, even though Sync Delete icon appears available.
  • If you try to sync a folder and nothing happens, your email account might be set up to sync recent emails only. On Start, flick left to the App list, then tap Settings > Email + accounts. Tap your account, tap the Download email from list, and then tap a longer amount of time.

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