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Import contacts from my old phone

If you have contacts stored on an old phone, you can usually import them to your new phone. How you do it depends on the kind of phone you had. If your old phone uses a SIM card, you can move it to your new phone to import your contacts. Depending on your mobile operator, your phone might not have a SIM card.

To figure out if you use a SIM card, remove the battery cover from the back of your phone and look for a card that looks like this:

SIM card

When you import contacts from a SIM card, they're automatically synced to your Windows Live account on your phone. They won't be deleted from the SIM card. If you haven't set up a Windows Live account, your contacts are saved to the phone's memory.

Interested in importing or syncing other stuff to your phone�like Office docs, email, music, or pictures? See Syncing to learn how.

To import contacts from a SIM card

  1. On Start, tap People.

  2. Tap MoreMore icon, and then tap Settings.

  3. Tap Import SIM contacts and follow the instructions.


  • If the Import SIM contacts button appears dimmed, it either means that the import is already in progress, or you don't have any contacts stored on your SIM card.
  • Contacts are not always stored on a SIM card. If you don't think all your contacts were imported, you might be able to get them on your new phone in other ways, depending on where they're stored. See How do I get contacts onto my phone? to learn more.
  • You can save contacts from a SIM card to a Windows Phone, but you can't save contacts from a Windows Phone to a SIM card.

To import contacts from a phone with no SIM card

If your old phone doesn't use a SIM card, don't worry�you'll still be able to get your contacts from your old phone to your new one. Different mobile operators have different ways of getting this done, so you'll need your mobile operator to help with the transfer. Check the company's website, call the support number, or visit a store for help.

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