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How do I get contacts onto my phone?

There are different ways to get your contacts onto your Windows Phone, depending on where they're currently stored.

Jumping to letter of alphabet to find contact


If you use Microsoft Outlook 2013, you don't need to install the Outlook Hotmail Connector to transfer your contacts to your Microsoft account.

My contacts are on my old phone

If your contacts are on another phone, they might be stored on the SIM card within that phone, or on the phone itself. To learn what your options are, including how to import contacts from a SIM card, see Import contacts from my old phone.

My contacts are online

If your contacts are stored online as part of a Windows Live, Hotmail, or Microsoft Exchange account, just set up that account on your phone and your contacts will automatically be imported. When you set up a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn account, the contacts will be imported, but you won't be able to edit or individually delete them on your phone.


When you set up a Google email account on your phone, the contacts might not sync to your phone, depending on what version of the Windows Phone 7 software your phone has installed. For more information, see Sync Google email, contacts, and calendars FAQ.

If your contacts are part of an online service that isn't fully compatible with Windows Phone, another option is to switch to Hotmail. You can transfer your contacts, emails, even calendars to a Hotmail account, then set up the account on your phone. Learn how

My contacts are on my PC

If your contacts are stored on your PC and you use Microsoft Office Outlook, you might be able to import them into your Windows Live account. Once you import them, your contacts will sync to your phone. To learn how, see Import contacts from my PC.

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