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Create, edit, or delete a Group

Groups help you cut through social networking clutter to stay in touch with the people who matter most�family, friends from the block, your bowling league. When you create a Group, it shows up at the top of your contact list. Tap it, and you'll see the Group members' Live Tiles and social networking updates, along with options for group email, texting, and chat.

To create a new Group

  1. On Start, tap People People Tile.

  2. Flick to All, and then tap New New icon.

  3. Tap New Group.

  4. Type a name for your Group, then tap Add a contact. Tap a contact name to add it to the Group, and then tap Save Save icon. The new Group will appear at the top of your contact list.


    • If you pin a Group to Start, its Live Tile will show new messages, missed phone calls, and social network posts from the members.
    • You can tap and hold a Group to pin it to Start, edit it, or delete it.

To edit a Group

You can add or remove contacts from a Group, change the Group's name, or change the preferred contact methods for Group members.

  1. On Start, tap People People Tile.

  2. Flick to All, find and tap the Group you want to edit, and then tap Edit Edit.

  3. Do any of the following:

    • To rename the Group, double-tap the Group name, and then type the new name.
    • Tap Add a contact to add someone to the Group.
    • To remove a contact from the Group, tap the contact, tap Remove from Group, and then tap Remove.
    • To change the preferred contact information for a Group member, tap the contact,tap the information you want to change, and then tap SaveSave icon.
  4. When you're finished editing, press the Back Back button button to save your changes.


  • You'll see different communication options depending on how you're connected to each contact. For example, if a contact has a mobile phone number but no email address, you'll be able to include that person in a group text message but not a group email.

To delete a Group

If you delete a Group, the contacts within that Group won't be affected.

  1. On Start, tap People People Tile.

  2. Flick to All, then find the Group you want to delete.

  3. Tap and hold the Group name, tap Delete, then Delete again.

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