Get started

Four phones showing Start, the app switcher, Messaging, and the App list.

Ready? Go!

Dive in anywhere to learn all about using your Windows Phone.

The essentials

  • Get to know your phone

    Get familiar with gestures, icons, the keyboard, and the three buttons, plus learn all about Start.

  • Keep in touch

    Email, text, and call people, plus check in with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn from your People Hub.

  • Make it yours
    Make it yours

    Pin things to Start, choose colors and pictures, and pick ringtones to make your phone look and sound just the way you like it.


  • Camera + pictures
    Camera + pictures

    Learn all about taking, sharing, syncing, and viewing pictures and videos.

  • Apps + games
    Apps + games

    Make sure your phone's all set up to get apps and games (including Xbox LIVE).

  • Music + videos
    Music + videos

    Get music and videos on your phone—everything you have already, or new gems from Marketplace.

Find anything

  • Search

    Bing brings you so much more than lists of links. Try Local Scout to see what's nearby, Vision search for bar codes and text, and Music search to identify songs.

  • Maps

    Get driving directions, save your favorites, see where you are, check traffic, and just generally stay un-lost.

  • Speech

    With a few simple commands ("Call," "Text," "Open," and "Find") you can get your phone to do your bidding, no hands required.

Make life easier

  • Windows Live
    Windows Live

    Sign in with your Windows Live ID to use OneDrive, find a lost phone, keep track of your contacts, share your photos, and a lot more.

  • Office Mobile
    Office Mobile

    Bring your ideas with you. Use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and SharePoint Mobile, all from your phone.

  • Tips + tricks
    Tips + tricks

    Find shortcuts, helpful hints, and other tidbits about maps, email, Facebook, music, and all sorts of other things.