Typing shortcuts

Your phone has a bunch of tools to help you type quickly and accurately. Some work quietly behind the scenes, while others pop up discreetly when you need them. Here are some of the ways your phone makes typing easier (plus how to turn them off if you'd rather not use them).

To use text suggestions

When you start typing, you'll notice that your phone suggests words based on the letters you've typed so far. You can tap the suggestion to add it to your message, or keep typing until you see the one you want.

If a suggested word is bold, your phone will use it automatically to replace the typed word. If a suggested word isn't bold, you can tap it to replace the one you've typed. Flick left to see more options.

If you realize later that you mistyped something, it's not too late. Tap that word and your phone will bring back some suggestions for you.

To add a word to the text suggestion dictionary

If you'd like the phone to recognize a particular word in the future, type the word, then tap the Plus Sign (+) next to the word in the suggestion bar.

To quickly add a period

Tap Space twice to add a period and a space, and capitalize the first letter of the next sentence.

Automatic corrections and shortcuts

Here are some corrections your phone will automatically make for you as you type:

  • Add apostrophes to many contractions. For example, "dont" will be replaced with "don't."
  • Capitalize the first letter of a new sentence. When you type a period (or two spaces, which adds a period and a space for you), your phone will automatically capitalize the next letter for you.
  • Add accents to words that commonly use them. For example, if you type "fiancee," it'll change the word to "fianc�e."
  • Capitalize proper nouns. Your phone recognizes many names, places, and other things that should be capitalized, and does it for you.

To change the settings for text suggestions and automatic corrections

If you don't want to use some (or any) of the shortcuts in this topic, you can turn them off in Settings.

  1. On Start, flick left to the App list, then tap Settings > Keyboard.

  2. Tap Typing settings .

  3. Do either (or both) of the following:

    • Under Keyboard, tap the language or list of languages whose settings you want to change.
    • To remove all the words you've added to your suggestion list, tap Reset text suggestions.

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