My computer can't connect to Windows Phone Update

If your computer is unable to connect to Windows Phone Update, try the following suggestions.


This issue is associated with the error code 801811A5. If you're seeing an error message with this code, try these suggestions, and you should be able to complete your update successfully.

Verify you're connected to the Internet

The first thing to do is to make sure your computer is connected to the Internet. A quick way to double-check your Internet connection is to browse a well-known website, such as

If you can't browse websites, check your network connection:

  • If your computer uses a wired connection, make sure that all the network cables are correctly connected.
  • If your computer uses a wireless connection, make sure that the connection is established and stable.

In some cases, you might need to switch from a wireless (Wi-Fi) connection to a wired (Ethernet) connection. Or you might need to adjust your computer's firewall or proxy settings. For more info, see the Network connection problems in Windows tutorial.

Reconnect your phone and restart the software

If you can browse websites, then one or both of the services that the Zune software requires to run aren't working correctly. You need to make sure that these services are enabled and running so that your phone can download the update.

To try enabling the services, disconnect your phone and restart the Zune software, and then try downloading the update again. Restarting your computer might also help resolve the issue.

If you need additional help, see the Windows Phone Support site.

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