Windows Phone 7 How-to

Get started

See our Quick Start Guide for all the info you need to know to set up your new phone with email, take a picture, and more.

  • New phone?

    Start here first to get your phone set up and working the way you want it to.

  • Basics

    Find out how to update the phone software, use Speech on the phone, and other basic tasks.

  • People + email

    Want to send email and text messages? Check Facebook? Find a contact? It's all here.

  • Pictures

    Learn how to take pictures and share them immediately with your network.

  • Browsing + maps

    Your phone gives you access to the world, and a way to navigate through it.

  • Music + videos

    Keep your music collection in your pocket all the time.

  • Apps + games

    You'll never be bored again, with a collection of apps and games to keep you (and your kids) busy.

  • Office Mobile

    Microsoft Office Mobile on your phone allows you to view, edit, and share Office files anywhere, anytime.