Meet Cortana, your very own personal assistant
Get ready for Windows 10 on phones

Get ready for Windows 10 on phones

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Meet Cortana, Here to help

Available on Microsoft Lumia 640

You could get a smartphone that just does the basics. Or you could get the Lumia 640 with Cortana, the personal assistant with proactive reminders, people-based reminders, and traffic alerts. All on a phone that’s fun and powerful enough for you to do just about anything.

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Get Cortana with

new Windows Phones

Now with the Lumia 635 or new HTC One® (M8) for Windows®, you’ll get your very own personal assistant. Cortana helps you keep appointments by checking your calendar and current traffic. And she keeps you close to those you care about with helpful, proactive reminders.

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  1. Forgot your friend’s birthday?
    Cortana reminds you just in time.

    Cortana is the only digital assistant
    with people based reminders that link
    to calls, texts and emails. So you can get
    a reminder to wish your friend a happy
    birthday before picking up his call.

    With Siri, you don’t get reminders with
    incoming texts, calls or emails, so
    when you forget you’ll have to call him
    back with an apology.

  2. Tired of running late? Cortana looks out for you.

    Cortana’s traffic alerts keep you on
    schedule. When the traffic is crawling,
    she'll let you know to leave early for
    your next appointment.

    With Siri, you’ll have to remember to
    check the traffic and directions before
    you leave. Hope you’ve left enough time!

  3. Need milk on the way home? Let Cortana remind you.

    Cortana’s location based reminders
    pop up when you are close to the store.
    She’ll remind you about the milk and
    to pick up your dry-cleaning next door.
    It feels good to walk through the door
    with everything in hand.

    With Siri, you’ll have to remember to
    check through all of your reminders. Not
    convenient when you are on the road.

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