Office Mobile

Getting started with Microsoft Office Mobile

Microsoft Office Mobile includes mobile versions of Microsoft Office applications that are made for your phone. Everything you need is in the Office Hub on your phone.

To get to the Office Hub, on Start, flick left to the App list, then tap Office Office icon.

Office hub


If you think you'll go to the Office Hub a lot, pin it to Start. To learn more, see Pinning things to Start.

Reviewing documents on your phone

Reviewing Microsoft Office documents is probably one of the most common ways you'll use Office Mobile on your phone. For example, if someone sends you a document via email, shares it on OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) or posts it to a Microsoft SharePoint site asking for feedback, you can review the document and add your comments. When you've finished, you can send it back to them by email, save it to OneDrive or save it back to the SharePoint site from your phone. You don't need to wait until you're at your desk or have your laptop and a wireless connection to get stuff done.

Editing on the go

Office Mobile lets you edit Office documents and notes on your phone too. This is great for making those small, last-minute changes. You can quickly fix a small typo in a Word document, add a last-minute number into an Excel workbook, make a small change in a PowerPoint presentation or jot down a quick note in a OneNote file. You can even start a new Word document, Excel workbook or note on your phone. To learn how to do these things and more, see Using Microsoft Word Mobile, Using Microsoft Excel Mobile, Using Microsoft PowerPoint Mobile or Using Microsoft OneNote Mobile.

Keeping in sync

You can keep your Office files in sync with OneDrive. When you're signed in with a Windows Live ID on your phone, notes you take on your phone are automatically synchronised to OneDrive. You can also save your Word documents, Excel workbooks and PowerPoint presentations directly to OneDrive too. With OneDrive, you can get your latest notes and documents from your phone or computer. For more information about synchronising documents with OneDrive from your phone, see Synchronising documents with OneDrive.

If your organisation uses a Microsoft SharePoint site, you can open and edit documents on the site from your phone. When you make and save changes to the document on your phone, people with the right permissions can see your changes in the document on the site. Likewise, if someone else makes a change to the document, you can get the latest version so you have the most up-to-date copy. This includes documents on SharePoint Online sites that are available with Microsoft Office 365. For more info, see Using Microsoft SharePoint Workspace Mobile.

Editing later on your computer

When you've saved your documents and notes elsewhere, whether they're on OneDrive, a SharePoint site or sent as an email attachment, you can continue working on them on your computer using Microsoft Office 2010 or Microsoft Office Web Apps in your web browser. They have many more features too, so you can do a lot more when you're back at your computer.

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