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Keep on top of things at home, work or school using text, pictures or audio in Microsoft OneNote Mobile. Whether you need to pick up a few things from the shops on the way home, review notes from a meeting or lecture, or plan something special, you can stay organised and get things done from your phone using OneNote.

Open OneNote file on Windows Phone

To create a new note

  1. In the App list, tap OneNote OneNote icon.

  2. In a section or page, tap New New note icon.

  3. If you want to enter a title, tap Enter title, then type a title.

  4. Tap below the title, then type your notes.

  5. When you've finished, press the Back Back hardware button button twice to go back to your notes and save your changes.

    If you have a Microsoft account set up on your phone, your changes will be saved in your default notebook on SkyDrive. If there isn't a default notebook on SkyDrive, a new notebook named My Notebook will be created and your notes will be saved there. To learn more, see Synchronising documents with SkyDrive.

    If you don't have a Microsoft account set up on your phone, your changes will be saved on your phone in the Quick Notes section.


  • Like Microsoft OneNote on your computer, your changes are saved automatically when you leave OneNote Mobile, such as when you press the Back Back hardware button or Start Start hardware button buttons on your phone.
  • If you don't type a title, the first line of text in your note will be used as the title.


  • Want to take a note with your voice? Press and hold the Start Start hardware button button to start Speech, then say "Note" followed by what you want to note. For example, "Note don't forget milk and bread."
  • You can start a new note right from your Start screen. In the notebook list, tap More More icon > Pin new to start. After that, just tap the New note Tile on Start whenever you want to create a new note.

To open a note

  1. In the App list, tap OneNote OneNote icon.

  2. Tap the note to open it. If you can't see the note, do one or more of the following:

    • Tap Search Search icon, type a word or two that might be in the note, then tap Enter Enter icon. Tap a page to open it.
    • If you see a list of notebooks on the OneNote screen, tap the notebook that contains the note, navigate to that page, then tap to open it. The notebooks that appear can be on your phone, SkyDrive, a Microsoft SharePoint 2010 (or later) site or a SharePoint Online site (available with Microsoft Office 365).
    • Tap Recent Recent notes icon to view a list of notes that you've recently opened, then tap a page to open it.
  3. To view different parts of the note, zoom in and out by stretching and pinching your fingers, and scroll by flicking up or down.


  • OneNote Mobile doesn't support all the features that are found in Microsoft OneNote Web App or Microsoft OneNote 2010 or later. If a note has content that's not supported in OneNote Mobile, you can still open the note and view it on your phone, but the unsupported content won't be displayed.
  • If you open a OneNote file that was attached to an email, you can't save or edit that file on your phone.
  • If the note you want to open is in a closed notebook, tap the notebook under Closed notebooks to open it, then navigate to the note or search for it.


  • Have a note you use a lot, such as one with your to-do list in it? Pin it to Start so you can open it quickly. In OneNote, tap and hold the note, then tap Pin to start.
  • You can copy content from a note and paste it into other files, apps or messages on your phone.

To create a to-do list

  1. Tap in the body of a note, tap To do To do icon, then type the first item.

  2. Tap Enter Enter icon, then type the second item.

  3. To end the to-do list, tap Enter Enter icon twice.

To create other kinds of lists

  1. Do one or more of the following in a note:

    • To create a bulleted list, tap List Bulleted list icon.
    • To create a numbered list, tap More More icon > Numbered list.
  2. Type the first item.

  3. Tap Enter Enter icon, then type the second item.

  4. To end the list, tap Enter Enter icon twice.

To insert a picture in a note

  1. In a note, tap Picture Insert picture icon.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • To take a new picture and insert it, tap Camera Camera icon, press the camera button or tap the screen to take a picture, then tap Accept.
    • To insert an existing picture, tap the album that contains the picture you want to insert, tap the picture (or pictures), then tap Done Done icon.


Want to create a new note that contains some pictures you've taken on your phone? On Start Start button, tap Photos Photos icon > Camera roll > SelectSelect icon > tap the pictures you want to include in your note > Share Share icon > OneNote.

To add audio to a note

  1. In a note, tap Audio Record audio icon.

  2. Speak and record what you want to say.

  3. Tap Stop when you're done.

  4. To play the audio, tap Audio note Audio note icon.

To format text in a note

  1. In a note, tap a word, then drag the circles at each end of the selected text to include the first and last words you want to format.

  2. Tap More More icon > Format.

  3. Under Format, tap the text formatting you want to use.

    The text formatting options include Bold Bold icon, Italic Italic icon, Underline Underline icon and Strikethrough Strikethrough icon.

  4. To stop formatting text, tap after the selected text, tap More More icon > Format, then tap the icon for the formatting that's currently being used to turn it off.


You can apply more than one formatting option. To do this, select the text to format, tap More More icon > Format, then choose the first formatting option. After that, tap More More icon > Format again, then choose another formatting option.

To start a new page in a specific notebook

  • On the OneNote screen, tap a notebook (it can be opened or closed), tap a section, then tap New New note icon.

To delete a page

  1. In OneNote, open the section in the notebook that has the page you want to delete.

  2. Tap and hold the page, then tap Delete.

  3. Tap Yes in the Delete page? message box.

    If the notebook is on SkyDrive or SharePoint, the page will be deleted on both your phone and the server.

  4. To delete a page that's currently open, tap More More icon > Delete > Yes to confirm.


You can also delete more than one page at a time. In the section that has the pages you want to delete, tap More More icon > Select pages > tap the pages you want to delete > Delete Delete icon > Delete to confirm.

To send a note by email

  1. In OneNote, open the note you want to send as an attachment in an email.

  2. Tap More More icon > Share, then tap the email account you want to use to send the note.

  3. Add the recipient and any other information to your email, then tap Send Send email icon.

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