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The world’s most personal smartphone

Windows Phone is reinvented to make the innovative affordable – with a device to suit every budget.

Each Windows Phone is as unique as you are and reflects the things you care about most.

Live Tiles + Apps


Cortana is a new smartphone personal assistant powered by Bing and inspired by real life personal assistants. She learns the things that matter to you and uses that knowledge to anticipate your needs.

Proactive Suggestions

Cortana combines relevant information with a knowledge of your schedule to offer proactive suggestions personalized for you.


Cortana helps keep you close to those you care most about with people based reminders linking to calls, texts, and emails.


You can rearrange your Start screen Tiles, adjust their size and change your phone’s accent colour whenever you want.

Live Tiles

Pin Live Tiles to your Start screen to get real-time updates of your friends’ Facebook posts, breaking news, tweets and more.

Start background (New)

Pick a favourite photo to shine through certain Tiles. Another way your Windows Phone reflects your personality.

Live Tiles + Apps
Smarter. Faster. Faster. Smarter.

Efficiency (New)

With an intuitive keyboard, longer-lasting battery, intelligent storage and more, your Windows Phone is optimised to work smarter.

Word Flow keyboard (New)

The world’s fastest smartphone keyboard uses shape writing, which lets you glide your finger over the screen to type.*

Action centre (New)

In one swipe, check notifications like email and texts. See four quick actions and easily switch them on and off.

Camera features

On every Windows Phone you can capture, edit and share beautiful photos and videos instantly.

Burst mode (New)

Capture multiple photos with one press of the camera button, so you can get that perfect action shot.

Lens apps

With Lens apps built into your camera, you can add great filters and special effects to your photos.

Dazzling Imaging Capabilities

Your people in one place

It’s easier than ever to stay connected to the people you care about most.

People Hub

Your contacts are linked together from your social networks and address books. So call, text and more from one convenient place.


Simply tap a name to call, text or email. Swipe to see your contact's latest social updates with What's new. Tap Showing to set filters for the people and posts you see.

Apps + games

Windows Phone features select apps that send real-time updates to Live Tiles on your Start screen. And it’s the only phone with Xbox built in.

Windows Phone Store

Find the apps you love on your Windows Phone. Many apps are free, and you can try most paid apps before you buy.*


Stay connected to gaming achievements, friends and multiplayer action with Xbox Live across your phone, PC and console.*

Apps + Games
Bing Search


More than just search, Bing can find cinema times, directions and more.*

Office Hub

Create, edit and share Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. Then sync them automatically to OneDrive.

Office Hub
Email + Messaging



Email on Windows Phone is customisable and clutter-free. See multiple accounts in one inbox and group messages however you like.


Attach photos, voice notes, your location and more to your text messages.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 11

Go ahead – open multiple tabs, surf privately and pin your favourite websites to your Start screen.



OneDrive is free storage in the cloud, so your photos, home videos and Office documents go wherever you go.*



The perfect companion to help you stay connected on the move. Upgrade a normal phone call to a Skype video call with just a tap.

Dual SIM

Dual SIM (New)

Get two lines on one phone, making it easier to balance your work and personal life.*

Tap to share


Tap your phone against another NFC-capable device to share photos, web pages, music, contacts and more.

Universal Device Search

Device search (New)

If it’s on your Windows Phone – emails, messages, contacts – you can find it quickly through Bing search.

Driving Mode

Driving Mode

Get from point A to point B with fewer distractions from your phone.

Kid's Corner

Kid's Corner

Choose the apps and features you want your children to see.