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Microsoft account

A Microsoft account (formerly Windows Live ID) lets you do all kinds of things on your Windows Phone—everything from getting apps from the Store and playing Xbox games to getting your Twitter or LinkedIn feeds on your People Hub.

You may already have a Microsoft account you use to sign in to a Microsoft service such as Xbox,, Windows 8, or SkyDrive. What is a Microsoft account? lists the services that you'd use one for, so you can check there if you think you may have one but aren't sure.

If you have more than one Microsoft account, see Which Microsoft account should I use? and Choose a Microsoft account wizard (English only) for help in figuring out which one you should use to sign in on your phone.

If you don’t have a Microsoft account yet, go to Sign in with a Microsoft account to learn how to create one.

These topics will help you get you up and running with your account, plus give you the details on saving contacts to your phone, setting up My Family, connecting your account to other services, and more.

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