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Change a Microsoft account FAQ

  • There are several reasons you might consider changing the Microsoft account you use on your phone, but here are the three most common ones:

    • You have more than one Microsoft account and you realize you'd rather use a different one on your phone.
    • You want to change the Microsoft account you use for a Microsoft account service, such as Xbox, Messenger, or Xbox Music.
    • You've moved to a new country or region.

    See Which Microsoft account should I use? to learn more about choosing between Microsoft accounts.

  • Once you sign in with a Microsoft account on your phone, the only way to change it is to restore your phone to factory settings and sign in with a different ID. Restoring your phone will delete any content and settings you’ve added to your phone, including music, videos, pictures, apps, games, documents, and accounts.

    If you decide to restore your phone, you should first back up all of your content to your computer or SkyDrive. But if you bought anything that uses Digital Rights Management (DRM), you may not be able to use it once you’ve signed in with your new account unless you buy it again. You’ll also need to repurchase any apps or games you bought with your old account once you’ve signed in with the new one.

    To learn more about backing up your things to your computer, see Sync my Windows Phone.

  • Warning

    To change the Microsoft account you use on your phone, you'll have to restore your phone to factory settings, which will delete everything you've ever added to your phone. So make sure to back everything up first. To figure out which app to use, see Sync my Windows Phone.

    1. Connect your phone to your computer with a cable, then back up your pictures, music, and videos.

    2. In the App list, tap Settings Settings icon > About.

    3. Tap Reset your phone.

    4. When the warning message appears, make sure you're really ready, then tap Yes. Your phone will restore itself to factory settings.

    5. When your phone restarts, your phone will guide you through several steps to set up your phone. When you get to the Sign in with a Microsoft account page, sign in with the new account you want to use.

  • If you buy apps, games, music, or videos using one Microsoft account, you won’t be able to use those same things with your new Microsoft account. You’ll need to buy them or download them again.

    You can find apps and games again at the Windows Phone Store on If you've bought or downloaded anything from that site before, or if you've used My Phone, you'll need to sign in there with your new account.

    If you used a Zune Music Pass or Xbox Music Pass with your old account to download music, you'll often be able to listen to that music again if you also have a Music Pass with your new account. Each time you play a song, it may take a moment for the new permissions to download.

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