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Set alarms on my phone

Windows Phone has customizable alarms that you can set up in just a few taps. And you can do more than just wake up with them—set uniquely named alarms for any occasion, from feeding the dog to putting dinner in the oven to limiting the kids' TV time.


If you have Cortana on your phone, she can help you set up alarms and reminders.

Set alarms on Windows Phone

To add an alarm

  1. In the App list, tap Alarms Alarms icon.

  2. Tap Add Add icon, tap Time, set it to the time you want, then tap Done Done icon.

  3. (Optional) If you want to customize the alarm, do any of the following:

    • Tap Repeats, select the check box for each day on which you want the alarm to sound, and then tap Done Done icon.
    • Tap Sound, and then choose an item from the list of available alarms, alerts, and ringtones. To preview a sound before you choose it, tap Play Play icon.
    • Tap Name, type the name you want to give the alarm ("Alarm 1," "Alarm 2," etc.).
    • Tap Snooze time, then tap the amount of time you want to delay the alarm before it sounds again.
  4. Tap Save Save icon.

  5. You'll see all the alarms you've added so far under All. Turn on Toggle On icon each alarm you want to set.


  • Your phone needs to be on for the alarm to sound.
  • If your phone is set to display time with a 24-hour clock, some of the default choices in Alarms will look different. If you're using a 12-hour clock and prefer to view the time and set alarms with a 24-hour clock, go to Settings Settings icon > Date + time and turn on 24-hour clock Toggle On icon.


  • There's no limit to the number of alarms you can set on your phone, so whether you're a heavy sleeper who needs a five-alarm wakeup or you want to set a unique alarm for each day of the week, your phone has you covered.
  • Alarms are flexible and can be edited at any time in case you want to catch a few more minutes of sleep one day and change it back the next. In Alarms, tap the alarm you want to edit, and then tap Save when you're done making changes.
  • Forgot if you set your alarm or not? There are a couple easy ways to check if you have an alarm set without having to go into Settings: the lock screen will display an alarm icon right next to the time, and, should you have the Alarms Tile pinned to Start, the word On will appear in the upper right hand corner of the Tile.
Lock screen on Windows Phone

Alarm volume and ringtones

Alarm volume is separate from the overall phone volume and can't be changed. As long as your phone is on, your alarms will still ring out nice and loud even if you turn down or silence the phone volume. So be careful to turn them off before a night out at the symphony.

To learn about your phone's sound and volume, see Ringtones, sounds, and volume. To learn how to add custom ringtones to your phone to use as unique alarm sounds, see Add ringtones to my phone.

To snooze or dismiss an alarm

When an alarm sounds, a notification will appear at the top of your screen. To delay the alarm, tap Snooze or press the Back Back buttonbutton. To end the alarm, tap Dismiss.

Alarm notification on Windows Phone


Tapping Snooze will delay an alarm for the amount of time that you chose when you set up the alarm. Pressing the Back Back button button will delay it for two minutes.

To delete an alarm

If you don't need to use an alarm for a while, you can always turn it off and forget about it. But if you know you'll never need it again, you can delete it too.

  1. In the App list, tap Alarms Alarms icon.

  2. Tap the alarm you want to delete, and then tap Delete Trash icon.

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