What are Lenses?

Lenses are camera apps and then some. Available in the Windows Phone Store, they work right in your camera's viewfinder, so you can unleash your creativity as you take your photos. The possibilities are endless—a Lens app might do anything from applying a simple filter or effect to creating an interactive 3-D panorama. And Lenses don't quit after you take the shot—they go to work in your Camera Roll, so you can view or even edit the shot later on, using the power of the Lens that took it.

To use Lenses

  1. Press the Camera button to start the camera.

  2. Tap Lenses Photos icon, and then tap the Lens you want to use.

  3. To get more Lens apps from the Store, tap Find more lenses.


Have a Lens you want to use each time you take a photo? You can set it to open automatically when you press the Camera button. In the App list, tap Settings Settings icon, flick left to Applications, and then tap Photos + camera. Under Pressing the camera button opens, tap the name of the Lens you want from the list. (Whether your phone has this setting, and the Lenses that appear if it does, depends on how your phone is set up by your phone manufacturer.)

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