Take, edit, and share photos and videos

Alright, you took an awesome photo or video—now what? Show it off to your friends, of course! You can edit and tag your photos, and then post them to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, all without opening an app. You can also record and share video, and even save all the photos and videos you take to SkyDrive.

Take, edit, and share photos and videos with your Windows Phone

Your camera gets even cooler (and sometimes weirder!) when you start using Lenses to take photos. See What are Lenses? to learn more.

To take a photo or video

  1. Press the Camera button to start the camera. This button is usually found on the long edge of your phone. (You can take a photo or video even if your phone is locked or asleep—just press the Camera button.)


    Some phones don't have a Camera button. To take photos on these phones, go to the App list and tap Camera, then tap anywhere on the screen to snap a photo. For more info, check your phone's manual.

  2. If you're taking a video, tap Video Camera video mode icon to switch to video mode—the icon will change to black-on-white Video camera icon, and you'll see the video counter on the screen.

  3. Hold the phone steady, either vertically (portrait view) or horizontally (landscape view). To zoom in or out, just pinch or stretch with your thumb and forefinger.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • To take a photo, press the Camera button halfway down to focus, and then press it all the way down to snap it.
    • To record a video, press the Camera button to start recording, and then press it again to stop recording.

    The photo or video will be automatically saved in the Camera Roll album in the Photos Hub.


    • You can also tap any point in the viewfinder to focus and take a photo—but first you might need to turn this option on in the Photos + camera settings. From the App list, tap Settings Settings icon, flick to Applications, and then tap Photos + camera > Tap screen to take pictures and videos when using the built-in Camera app Checked box icon.
    • To change some of the more advanced settings for your camera (such as ISO or aspect ratio), tap More More icon, and then tap either Photo settings or Video settings.
    • Taking a picture in a quiet place? You can mute the shutter sound. From the App list, tap Settings Settings tile > Ringtones + sounds, and then tap Camera shutter Checked box icon to turn the shutter sound on or off.
  5. After you take a photo or video, tap Back Back icon (or flick right) to see it.


    • To see your previous photos and videos in filmstrip view, pinch the photo or video as if to shrink it, and then flick left or right to see the filmstrip. This works in both landscape (horizontal) and portrait (vertical) view.
    • Got some extra special pics? Add them to Favorites, then use them to personalize your phone. Learn how in Personalize my phone with my photos.

To edit a photo

After taking a photo, you can rotate it, crop it, or apply the fix filter. Fix will automatically apply some of the most common photographic fixes—exposure, color temperature, and shadow/highlight adjustment—in a way that's tuned for each photo.

  1. In the App list, tap Photos Photos icon.

  2. Find the photo you want to edit and tap to open it.

  3. Tap More More icon > Edit.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • To rotate the photo, tap Rotate Rotate icon as many times as necessary until your photo is right-side up.
    • To crop the photo, tap Crop Crop icon. Tap and drag one of the corners of the rectangle, or tap Aspect ratio Aspect ratio icon to choose a specific ratio (such as 16x9) and drag the rectangle, and then tap Done Done icon.
    • If the color of your photo doesn't look quite right, try tapping Fix Fix icon. If you don't like the way it looks afterward, just tap Undo fix Undo fix icon to undo.
  5. Tap Save Save icon to save all your changes.


  • To edit a photo you just took, tap Back Back icon (or flick right), then tap More More icon.

To share a photo or video to social networks

Some people share snapshots of important events, like birthdays and graduations. Others show off what they're having for lunch. Whatever you share, you have lots of choices for how to do it, including sharing photos to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. (Videos can only be shared to Facebook.)

  1. In the App list, tap Photos Photos icon.

  2. Find the photo or video you want to share and tap to open it. (To share a photo from an online album, you'll need to save it to your phone first by tapping More More icon > Save to phone, and then opening it again from the Saved pictures album.)

  3. Tap More More icon (or tap and hold the photo or video), and then tap Share.

  4. Tap the name of the social network you want to post to.


    When you share a photo on Twitter, we'll store it in a public folder on your SkyDrive, and then share a link to it on Twitter.

  5. Tap the text box to type a caption (optional). If you are posting on Twitter, the caption will appear in your tweet.

  6. If you're uploading a photo to Facebook, you can tag yourself or other people. Do one of the following:

    • If your phone detects an untagged face, you'll see a box around it. Tap Who's this?, and then choose a contact or type a tag.
    • If your phone doesn't detect a face, tap Add tag Add tag icon, and then choose a contact or type a tag.
  7. Tap Upload Send picture icon (photo) or Send video icon (video).


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