Use the Me Card to stay in touch

The Me Card is your profile on your phone. It's also your go-to spot for posting to your social networks.


This topic is about Windows Phone 8.1. If your phone is running Windows Phone 8, some options and icons may look a little different, and some features may not be available. Check to see which software version you have and find out if an update is available.

Me Card

To get to the Me Card, on Start Start icon, tap People People icon, swipe over to Contacts, and then tap your profile picture. You can do any of the following:

  • Post an update on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn – Tap Post an update, and then share your witty observations with the world.
  • Check in – Tap Check in to let your friends know where you are.
  • Update your Me Card picture – Tap the profile picture on your Me Card, and then tap the picture you want to see there.
  • Keep up with your social networks – Swipe over to What's new to see your recent posts and tweets, along with who's been writing on your Facebook timeline.


  • Looking for more notifications? Find them in action center—just swipe down from the top of your screen to take a look.
  • It's easy to quickly post updates to your favorite social network without needing to select the app each time. On the Me Card, tap More More icon > Settings, and under Use for updates, choose the app you want to use for updates. If you don't see the app you want in the list, tap Get apps to find the one you want on the Windows Phone Store. You can always repeat this step whenever you want to choose a different app.

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