Rooms and Groups FAQ

  • A room is a shared place on your phone with its own notes, calendar, photo album, and group chat. The people you invite to join your room receive text-message invitations. You can also join a room that someone else creates on their Windows Phone. The room is set up on each member's phone when they accept the invitation. That way, everyone in the room can see and make changes to its content.

    A group is limited to your phone and Microsoft account, so there's no need to invite people to add them. You can use a group to see social updates from the members, and you can also send a group text, chat, or email.

  • The other members of rooms you create or join will only see the chat messages, calendar items, photos, and notes you share in the room. They won't have access to your personal messages, calendars, photos, and notes. For more information, see the Windows Phone 8.1 Privacy Statement.

  • When you set up a room and invite others to it, or when you join someone else's room, you'll automatically become Messenger friends with the other members so that you can chat with them in the room. If someone new joins later on, you'll become Messenger friends with them, too.

    If you leave or delete a room, or remove someone from a room you own, you'll still be Messenger friends unless you unfriend the person on Messenger. You can do this by removing the contact from your phone. For more information, see the Windows Phone 8.1 Privacy Statement.

  • To see social updates in a room, go to Members and tap What's new. If you don't see this choice, you might not be connected to any of the room members on any social networks you've set up on your phone.

    If you're connected to another room member on a social network you've set up on your phone, but you don't see their updates in the room, you might need to link the friend's contact card for the social network to the contact card you used to invite them to the room. To do this, go to People People Tile > Contacts, tap the contact, and then tap Link Link icon.

  • This might happen for a few different reasons. There might be a temporary problem with the Rooms service, or you might not be connected to the Internet. If that's the case, you should be able to join the room later on, or when you have a better data connection. If the problem persists, there might be an issue with your Microsoft account. Log in to to see if there are any issues with the account.

  • This could be a temporary problem while your room is being synced. If that's the case, the Tile should return to normal after the sync completes. If the problem persists, it could be because you've deleted the contact from your phone or unfriended the contact on Messenger. In that case, you'll need to invite that person to your room again.

  • You can have five Rooms on your phone, and each Room can have 10 members. There's no limit to how many Groups you can have on your phone, but no Group can have more than 25 members.

  • On Start Start button, tap Messaging Messaging Tile. You can find the invitation text messages you've already sent in the list of messaging threads.

  • No. Room invitations are sent via text message, so any contact you invite needs to have a mobile phone number listed.

  • If you send your room invitation to a contact who can't receive text messages, they won't receive the invitation message on their phone. However, you can forward them the invitation via email using these steps:

    1. Send the room invitation to your contact's mobile phone number in the usual way. (To learn how to do this, see Use Rooms and Groups.)

    2. In the App list, tap Messaging Messaging Tile. In the list of Messaging threads, tap your contact's name.

    3. Tap and hold the text message that says "We've sent your contact a 'join' link," and then tap Copy.

    4. Paste this text into an email message, and then send it to your contact's email address. When your contact opens the link on their phone, they'll see the instructions for joining the room.

  • If you delete a room, it will be deleted from all of the members' phones. The room's photo album, notes, and calendar will be deleted from everyone's phone and from OneDrive (formerly known as SkyDrive). (Members who have Windows Phone 8 will still see read-only versions of previous chat conversations in the Messaging app on their phone.)

    If you remove a member from your room, the room will be deleted from their phone, and they'll no longer have access to the shared content. (Members who have Windows Phone 8 will still see read-only versions of previous chat conversations in the Messaging app on their phone.)

  • People with a Windows Phone 7 or an iPhone can join your room, but their experience will be a bit different. They'll be able to set up and use the shared calendar on their phones, but group chat is only available on Windows Phone 8 or later (and the other features work best on Windows Phone 8 or later). (Note: Rooms for Windows Phone 7 and iPhone is not available in all countries and regions.)

  • Room invitations are sent via text message, so your mobile operator may charge you for this service. Once everyone is in the room, you can chat and share using just a data connection. If you have a cellular data connection, how much you pay for the data you use is determined by the data plan you have, which is part of your service agreement with your mobile operator. Connecting to a Wi-Fi network can help reduce your cellular data usage.

  • You can't add an existing calendar to your room. However, you can make the transition to your new room calendar a bit smoother by using Outlook on your computer to copy appointments (including recurring appointments) from the old calendar to the new one.

    To do this, you'll need to add your Microsoft account to Outlook 2013. (If the two calendars are in two different Microsoft accounts, you can add them both and copy appointments between them). When that's done, go to Outlook's Calendar view and select the check boxes to display the two calendars you want to work with. Then just drag and drop the appointments you want from your existing calendar into your room calendar.

    Using Outlook 2010? Learn how to add a Microsoft account to it

  • You might need to remove the member(s) who are having the problem and then reinvite them to the room. To learn how, see Use Rooms and Groups. The issue might also be caused by a Microsoft account that needs attention. Log in to to see if there are any issues with the account that's having the issue.

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