People Hub

The People Hub on Windows Phone is more than just a digital address book. It helps you connect and stay in touch with the people you care about—while cutting through clutter to show you the information that really matters.

The People Hub on Windows Phone


Here's a quick rundown of the different sections of your People Hub.

  • Contacts – Tap a name to call, text, chat, email, or see social updates. To make the list more manageable, set filters—just tap Showing at the top of the list. You'll always be able to find filtered contacts by searching.
  • What's new – Here's where you can check out all of your contacts' latest updates, pulled together from social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Bracing for an avalanche of posts, tweets, and pics? No worries—tap Showing, and you can choose what info you see.
  • Rooms and Groups – Get to your Rooms and Groups and create new ones from here. Tap into a room to start a chat or check out the calendar, notes, or photo album. Or open up a group to see what's new with the members or send them a quick group email or text.


If you pin a contact, room, or group to Start, its Live Tile will show new updates and messages.

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