Import contacts onto my new phone

There are different ways to import contacts onto your new Windows Phone, depending on where they're currently stored.

My contacts are on my old phone

If your contacts are on another phone, they might be stored on a removable SIM card in the phone, or on the phone itself. To learn what your options are, including how to import contacts from a SIM card, see Import contacts from my old phone.

My contacts are in the cloud

If your contacts are stored in the cloud as part of an online service such as, Google, or Microsoft Office 365, just set up that account on your phone and your contacts will be imported automatically. To learn how, see Set up or delete an email account. You can also sync contacts from your social networking accounts—Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn—to your phone.

If your contacts are part of an online service that isn't fully compatible with Windows Phone, another option is to set up a Microsoft account. You can transfer your contacts, emails, and even calendars to that account, then set up the account on your phone. For more information, see Use my Microsoft account to sync contacts to the cloud.

My contacts are in Outlook on my PC

If you use Microsoft Office Outlook with Microsoft Exchange (typically the case if you use Outlook at work), setting up contact syncing is straightforward. To learn how, see Set up or delete an email account.

If you use Outlook without Exchange (typically the case if you use Outlook at home), you can add your Microsoft account to Outlook, then transfer your contacts from Outlook to the Microsoft account. Then, when you add the Microsoft account to your phone, your contacts will show up there. To learn how, see Sync contacts and calendars from Outlook on my PC to my phone.

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