Connect to a Wi-Fi network

Whether you're at home, work, or out and about, chances are you'll find Wi-Fi networks your Windows Phone can connect to. Wi-Fi can save you cellular data—plus it's often faster than a cellular connection and can even save some battery power. You can still do most of the things you can with a cellular data connection, like browse the web, download apps, stream music, and much more.

There are a few ways to get connected to Wi-Fi—starting from when you first set up your phone. If you choose to use Wi-Fi Sense, it can connect you to open Wi-Fi networks it knows about or to networks your contacts shared with you. You'll have Internet access without needing to do things on your own to get connected. (Wi-Fi Sense may not be available in all countries or regions and is only available on Windows Phone 8.1. Check to see which software version you have and find out if an update is available.)

Of course, you can always connect to a Wi-Fi network on your own.

To connect to a Wi-Fi network on your own

  1. In the App list, tap Settings Settings icon > Wi-Fi.

  2. Make sure that Wi-Fi networking is turned On Toggle control On icon.

    When Wi-Fi is on, your phone will search for available Wi-Fi networks in the area. If a network is found, you'll see its name listed, along with whether it's an open or secure network.

  3. Tap the network you want to connect to.

  4. If you're connecting to a secure network and are asked to enter a password, do that.

  5. (optional) If you're using Wi-Fi Sense and want to share access to the network with your contacts, select the Share network with my contacts check box. If you don't want to share that network, clear the check box.

    If you do choose to share with your contacts, they'll get Internet access when they're in range of the network and connected to it, but they don't get to see the network password.

  6. Tap Done to connect.


  • To learn about Wi-Fi hotspots, including how to see ones near you on a map and connect automatically to any your mobile operator may offer, see Find Wi-Fi hotspots. When you connect to Wi-Fi, your phone will send connection-related information to Microsoft if the Send information about Wi-Fi connections to help discover nearby Wi-Fi check box is selected in Settings Settings icon > Wi-Fi > Manage. To find out what specific information is collected, see the Windows Phone 8.1 Privacy Statement.
  • Open networks aren't secure. For example, anyone can connect and possibly see what you're doing. Be careful when doing things online that require personal or sensitive information, or wait until you can connect to a secure network that you trust before doing these things.
  • Have a computer or tablet running Windows 8.1? Go to Settings Settings icon > Sync my settings on your Windows Phone 8.1 and turn on Passwords Toggle control On icon. After that, you'll only need to enter a network password once—your other devices will automatically connect to the network when it's in range. For more info about how this works, see Sync my Windows Phone settings.

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