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Use the directions feature in maps on Windows Phone to guide you to your destination. Whether you're driving, using transit, or walking, it shows the total distance and estimated travel time to help you plan ahead.


If you have Cortana on your phone, she can help you with maps and directions, location info, and more.

Get directions on Windows Phone 8.1
Maps can take you right to your destination


To get directions to an address or place

  1. In the App list, tap Maps Maps icon.

  2. Tap Directions Directions icon.

  3. In both the Start and End fields, type one of the following:

    • An address
    • A restaurant, store, or other place name

    For more info about searching for places, see Use maps.


    • Tap Switch Switch icon to reverse the starting and ending points for your trip.
    • If you have location awareness turned on, maps will always assume that you want to start from your current location. To start from someplace else, tap My location and type another starting point.
  4. Tap Go Go key.

  5. Tap Driving Driving icon, Public transit Public transit icon, or Walking Walking icon, depending on how you plan to travel.

  6. Do one of the following:

    • Start your route, and your phone will automatically update your directions as you go.
    • Tap Start voice nav to have your directions read aloud. (You may be asked to download an app before you can use this feature.)
    • Tap Route steps for a full list of the steps needed to complete your route.


  • If there's place that you visit a lot, consider adding it to your list of favorites. In Maps Maps icon, press and hold the location to add a pushpin, tap the pushpin again, and then tap Add Add to favorites icon.
  • To change maps settings, in Maps Maps icon, tap More More icon > Settings. (If you use voice navigation to get directions, you can tap Set default voice navigation app to choose your preferred app.)


To see the places where transit directions are available, see Bing Maps Transit Coverage.

To customize transit directions

Windows Phone 8.1 can help you catch the right bus at the right time with extra route and sorting options.

  1. In Maps Maps icon, tap Directions Directions icon, fill out the Start and End fields, and then tap Go Go key.

  2. Tap Public transit Public transit icon, and then do any of the following:

    • Tap Depart now, choose your route options (you can enter the time and date you want to depart or arrive), and then tap Done Done icon. Your transit routes will update to reflect your new time/date preferences.
    • Tap More More icon > Sort by, and then choose whether you want your transit routes to be sorted by Time, Walking time, or Fewest transfers.


  • Tap a transit stop, then tap it again to view scheduled departure times. (Tap Pin Pin icon to pin the transit stop to Start for quick access.)
  • Late bus? When viewing scheduled departure times for transit, tap Scheduled times > Estimated times to see updated arrival info.

To see real-time traffic conditions

Your Windows Phone takes traffic into account to give you the fastest route to your destination, but you can also view traffic conditions for yourself.

  • In Maps Maps icon, tap More More icon > Show traffic. To stop showing traffic conditions, tap More More icon > Hide traffic.

Maps options on WIndows Phone 8.1
Tap More (...) to change your map options

To download maps

You can download maps to your phone, so you can search for places, get directions, and find your way around, even when you don’t have a data connection.

  • In Maps Maps icon, tap More More icon > Settings > Download maps, and then tap Add Add icon. Follow the instructions to find the maps you want to download.


  • Some maps are too big to download over a cellular data network, so it's a good idea to make sure you're connected to a Wi-Fi network before you download any maps.
  • To view the list of maps you’ve downloaded, tap Maps Maps icon > More More icon > Settings > Download maps.
  • To delete a map from Download maps, tap Select, choose the maps you want to delete, and then tap Delete Trash icon.

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