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With Windows Phone and Xbox, your gaming experience follows you wherever you go.

The Xbox Games app
The Xbox Games app for Windows Phone 8.1.

Get games from the Windows Phone Store, either from your phone or PC—whichever's more convenient. And after you've successfully downloaded your games, you can find them in the App list. Got a favorite game? Pin it to Start, and it's a quick tap away.

To use the Xbox Games app, in the App list, tap Games Games icon. (Or, if you want to get to it even quicker, pin it to Start.)


  • If your phone is running Windows Phone 8: Update 3 or earlier, you'll find your games in the Games Hub. On Start Start icon , tap Games Start icon games , instead of going to the App list. Your experience may differ in other ways as well. Go to How do I update my phone software? to find out how to get the latest update.
  • Xbox may not be available in your country or region.

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